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Free Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst

Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we are excited about the growth of our newest location in Elmhurst. Due to our increasing numbers, we’ve welcomed our first Center Director for the clinic, and we’d love to introduce to you to her!

Blaire has been with Avenue Women’s Center for over a year, and previously worked as a pregnancy counselor in Chicago. Blaire is well acquainted with our area and surrounding communities, as well as the many resources Elmhurst has to offer.

If you’re looking for a free pregnancy test in Elmhurst, know that Blaire truly cares about women and families who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies. She looks forward to being a supportive figure you can turn to.

“I absolutely love working at Avenue Women’s Center,” says Blaire. “It’s my passion to be able to serve women and families in situations of unplanned pregnancy. For me, it’s important to listen to their concerns, their dreams, and what they want their next steps to be. Every woman that steps into my office deserves love and respect, and that’s exactly how I want to serve them.”

Elmhurst is an excellent location for anyone in not just Elmhurst, but also Villa Park, Maywood, Bellwood, Berkeley, Hillside or in the nearby Cook County area. If you want a free pregnancy test in Elmhurst, please give Avenue Women’s Center a call today. Blaire and our Elmhurst staff are ready to serve you!

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