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You are uniquely you. You have the power to make your own decisions. If you believe you might be pregnant, visiting Avenue Women’s Center is your next step. Let’s walk this journey together.

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Our Services

Pregnancy Tests

An in-clinic pregnancy test is the most accurate way to determine if you're actually pregnant. Our lab-quality pregnancy tests are highly accurate. As with everything else, our pregnancy tests are confidential and completely free. Plus, we offer same-day appointments. No waiting. No guessing.

Abortion Information

You're the type of woman who wants to know all of her options, that's why you're here. You know what's right for one woman isn't necessarily right for you. We offer information regarding abortion that you won't get elsewhere. Let's sit down and go through a pre-abortion screening so you can make a truly informed decision.

Pregnancy Consultations

You deserve all the facts, and that's exactly what our pregnancy consultations are designed to provide. No agenda, no judgment, just education and help understanding all of your options. If you're facing an unexpected pregnancy and need help determining next steps, we can help.

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