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Pregnancy Consultations

If you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about an unexpected pregnancy, we can help! We know you probably have a lot of questions and are learning a lot of new information, which is why we offer pregnancy consultations. During these consultations, we’ll answer your questions and help you understand your pregnancy at a basic level.

No question is silly! Our trained and experienced staff members can talk with you about:

  • approximate gestational age and due date
  • paternity questions, if you are not sure who the father is
  • basic health concerns related to the pregnancy
  • possibilities with early pregnancy (miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy)
  • options available to you regarding next steps for your pregnancy

Options for Your Pregnancy

As you think about how to proceed with your pregnancy, you have three options to consider – abortion, adoption, and parenting. During a pregnancy consultation tailored to meet your unique needs, we’ll share specifics about Illinois law and what’s available in DuPage county. You’ll also receive information about each option including the following:

  • parenting support programs available to you
  • how to get prenatal care if you have no insurance
  • answers about abortion procedures
  • explanation about when during pregnancy abortions are available
  • how adoption generally works in Illinois

Because each consultation is client-driven, we can talk about and answer whatever questions you have. If you need help putting together a plan, we’re here. If you need a listening ear or someone to provide unbiased answers to your questions, that’s why we exist.

Schedule a Pregnancy Consultation

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and aren’t sure what to do, we can help. Please reach out to schedule an appointment to learn more about your options, get your questions answered, and create a plan moving forward.