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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I pregnant?

Maybe your birth control failed. Maybe your period is late, or you think you may be experiencing other pregnancy symptoms such as: frequent urination, nausea, or constant fatigue.

You don’t have to wonder. At Avenue Women’s Center, our medical-grade pregnancy tests are 99.5% accurate just 10 days after possible conception. Plus, it is entirely free and confidential. Only you and your pregnancy consultant will know the result of your test. Contact Avenue Women’s Center about a free, confidential pregnancy test appointment today.

My partner is pregnant. What should I do?

You’ve realized that even though this is “her choice” she is not the only one affected by her decision. Just like her, you can also be anxious and overwhelmed with the thought of an unexpected pregnancy. It’s not unusual to feel afraid and confused, even angry that this happened to you. That’s why you need information about your options and how her decision might impact you. Our expert staff members can also help you examine your options separately or together in order to make the best choice for your situation. Schedule a no-cost, confidential consultation to learn more.

How do I set up an appointment?

Calling or texting our helpline (630.455.0300) is the most popular way clients reach us.­ You can also connect with us via email or live chat. And, at any time, you are invited to schedule an appointment through our convenient online scheduler.­