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Sadly, there isn’t a quick and easy solution to an unexpected pregnancy. No matter what your life circumstances are at the time, you still need to make a difficult choice. For many women, that choice was an abortion.

Why hasn’t my life returned to “normal”?

You may have said to yourself, “After the abortion, my life will be back to normal and I can just forget about the whole thing.” Discovering you can’t “just forget about it” can be unexpected. Everyone processes post-abortion emotions differently. Some women feel grief and shame, while others feel anger. No matter how you handle it, your life now has a new normal.

How can I move on?

Many women don’t feel like they can talk with their friends or family about their abortion. They may be keeping it confidential, or they may worry that others will be tired of hearing about it or that people will tell them to move on. At Avenue Women’s Center, we understand the importance of a listening ear. Often, finding a safe place to confide in someone is the beginning of your healing journey. We want to walk that road with you through the Restore program.

Finding peace

Restore After Abortion provides confidential post-abortion support to womenmen, and teens. All of our services are free and include both group and individual support. You may be more comfortable in one-on-one counseling sessions where you can share as little or as much information as you wish. Or, you may benefit from group sessions hearing the healing journeys of others. Whichever you choose, all post-abortion support is provided by a team of caring professionals.

Healing is just a phone call away

You don’t have to handle your after-abortion emotions on your own. There’s someone waiting to share your healing journey with you. We’re just a phone call away. Call us at (630) 599-0043 or fill out our Contact Us form here. You’re not alone.