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Abortion Cost in Illinois

The cost of each unexpected pregnancy option can be a major deciding factor in what you choose to do. You may be thinking about having an abortion. But how much do you have to pay for an abortion in Illinois? There are typically a variety circumstances that can determine how expensive your abortion might be. These variables often depend on your individual situation. It can be important to assess your needs and learn more about the procedure before committing to this choice. Who might you be able to meet with to discuss your concerns and provide information on abortion cost in Illinois?

Are you wondering how to account for cost when making an unexpected pregnancy plan? Avenue Women’s Center has been providing women with the nonjudgmental care they deserve since 1981. We’ll meet with you at any of our six DuPage County, Illinois locations for a private consultation. Within a confidential setting, our expert staff will offer you accurate information about abortion and abortion alternatives. As you seek more information on abortion cost in Illinois, receive the free services and support you need for your first steps. 

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Factors in Abortion Cost for Illinois

How expensive an abortion usually depends on your pregnancy’s gestational age. Typically, the further along you are, then the higher the abortion cost. Prices can also vary if you visit a public clinic versus a private one. Depending on your state and health care policy, insurance may cover abortion on an as-needed basis. Consulting your insurance policy and the clinic will give you further information. Additional costs may be incurred if you require any additional tests or exams when you visit the clinic.

Gestational Age and Abortion

Your health often plays a large part in your abortion decision. It can be helpful to receive an ultrasound prior to scheduling an abortion appointment.

An ultrasound will tell you how advanced the pregnancy is. But it can also alert you to your risk of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Both of these conditions typically require immediate medical treatment. If your pregnancy is likely to end naturally, there is no need to schedule an abortion appointment. It can be convenient to have this information ahead of time.

STDs and Abortion

Screening for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is recommended prior to an abortion. The longer an STD is left unattended, the more likely the infection is to spread and worsen in intensity. Scheduling an STD test before an abortion can be helpful. That way you can arrange to have the treatment you need.

A pregnancy options clinic can provide you with information about how to get the low-cost treatment you need. They often provide ultrasounds at no cost. Some also offer STD screenings or will direct you to a local resource that can provide the service at a minimal fee.

Next Steps in Considering Abortion Cost

It can be stressful to think about finances in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy. It’s important to keep in mind how much your health matters in this situation. Knowing where you can go to receive the care and information you deserve can be of benefit. Contemplating whether or not you should have an abortion can be an emotional journey. Thankfully, it is not one you must navigate alone.

Do you have questions about the cost of an abortion or other pregnancy options? Avenue Women’s Center is here to partner with you to ensure you have the answers you need. We’ll walk you through reliable information about abortion or one of your abortion alternatives during your private consultation. Each of our centers provides free, limited ultrasound exams to determine your risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Find out how far along you are and if abortion is the right next step for you. All of your questions are valid. We’re committed to making sure your concerns are addressed.

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The information provided here is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional. Before any medical procedure, it is imperative that you discuss your personal medical history, risks, and concerns with your doctor. If you have questions during or after a procedure, your doctor should be immediately contacted. Avenue Women’s Center is not an emergency center.  If you are experiencing severe symptoms, such as bleeding and/or pain, seek immediate medical attention.  Contact your physician, go to an emergency room, or call 911.