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Anxiety Is Keeping Me From Making a Pregnancy Decision

Times of panic or distress can keep us feeling locked in place at key moments of life. Whether we suffer from an anxiety disorder or a particular situation is causing anxious feelings and thoughts, this can be difficult! Maybe you’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant. You know you have to make a decision. But anxiety is keeping you from moving forward. Where might you turn for help during this complicated circumstance?

If anxiety is keeping you from making a pregnancy decision, it may be time to find some unbiased help. Avenue Women’s Center exists to serve women in their difficult life circumstances and pregnancy decisions. Our pregnancy consultants can offer a calming environment and information to help you determine your next steps even while anxiety is knocking on your door. 

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What if Every Option Has a Worst-Case Scenario?

Sometimes anxiety can make us think about things in certain ways. Maybe everything is black and white or perhaps we can see every flaw or possible failure. Bad news might seem like the only news and distressing circumstances far too big to handle. Perhaps you find yourself falling into some of these thinking patterns in the midst of your pregnancy decision. When you think about your options of abortion, adoption, or parenting, maybe all you can see are the negatives. This might be fueling your anxiety!

Viewing Things Apart From Anxiety

If you’re in a pattern of reacting and interacting anxiously, it can be difficult to separate yourself from that. Maybe you’re used to responding from a place of anxiety and it’s really hard to take a step back. At this point, you may find it helpful to take some time to breathe and allow yourself to use your imagination to think about what possible good things could happen. Because while yes, realistically, there will be difficulties with each choice, there are also upsides to consider.

Only You Can Decide

It may be tempting to let somebody else tell you what to do regarding your pregnancy decision. Sometimes anxiety makes us freeze in place and we don’t want the responsibility of choosing—even when it’s really important. However, while it’s important that you have support and people who can be there for you, only you can decide how to proceed with your pregnancy. If your anxiety causes you to lack confidence in your decisions, you may find it helpful to start small.

If anxiety is keeping you from making a pregnancy decision, it may be time to reach out for help. Avenue offers services to equip women in the midst of a pregnancy decision. Receive information on all of your options, while addressing your unique questions and concerns. We provide a peaceful space to process your decision. Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting help.

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