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Are My Future Dreams Ending with This Pregnancy?

When we’re little, our dreams are filled with imagination and adventure. We’ll grow up to be super heroes and we’ll live in worlds filled with magic. As we grow up, our dreams start to shift into more tangible, realistic things. We answer the question, “What are your hopes and dreams?” differently from our childhood selves, envisioning all the steps along our future path. But things happen in life that can change our dreams altogether. If you just found out you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it can feel like all your dreams are crashing down around you.

An unexpected pregnancy decision can challenge your hopes and dreams. At Avenue Women’s Center, we care about supporting you in the first steps of your decision with our free pregnancy services. We offer medical-grade tests to confirm your pregnancy and private consultations to discuss your pregnancy options, all at no cost to you. When you make a free appointment at one of our five locations in the DuPage County area, we’ll provide a nonjudgmental, understanding, and compassionate environment to address your personalized pregnancy concerns.

There’s plenty of unexpected things that can happen in life to make us question our dreams. We’re thrown for several loops and our paths can become bumpy and treacherous to travel. Even with hard work and a perseverant attitude, our hopes are challenged. Maybe you’re at that point right this very moment with an unexpected pregnancy. It might feel like your dreams are coming to an end, and you are filled with uncertainty. How can you move past what feels like a giant mountain blocking your path?

You Aren’t Alone in Your Feelings

Take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in how you’re feeling. Many women feel like their dreams become impossible when they find out they’re unexpectedly pregnant. They stop thinking that they can reach their goals, get that dream job, or go on incredible adventures.

When I learned I was pregnant at 17, I stopped believing I could become anything other than a failure at life. As a positive result appeared on a home pregnancy test, my bright future felt like it was erupting in a giant explosion. I saw my pregnancy as a grave mistake, and I let my perspective and my self-image change for the worst. I didn’t realize that I was completely capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for. I didn’t realize just how powerful a change in my dreaming perspective could be.

Finding Your Dreams in a Pregnancy Decision

I could have saved myself a lot of anguish in my pregnancy decision if I had overcome that discouraging voice inside of me with encouragement and understanding. As I thought through the options of parenting, adoption, or abortion, I focused in on all the negative outcomes each could bring in the future. I no longer believed in myself or my ability to make my dreams come true.

When the unexpected happens, it can be easy to start doubting all that we imagined. But a challenging decision can also be an opportunity to shift your perspective. In all the unexpected, you are still you. Allow yourself forgiveness, empathy, and hope as think about the possibility of continuing your pregnancy or having an abortion. You still have the power to overcome challenges in front you, even an unexpected pregnancy decision.

As you wonder about the future with your pregnancy options, challenge yourself to rethink how your dreams could take shape with each one. The steps to reach your dreams and goals might look differently than what you envisioned before becoming pregnant, but is a new path ahead possible? How can you still accomplish your dreams? How could you handle potential challenges? What are some ways this pregnancy decision could inspire to make changes in your life choices?

It can be difficult to shift our perspective and find our way back to our goals or envision new ones, but dreams don’t have to end with an unexpected pregnancy decision. Whichever pregnancy option you choose, it can have an impact on your future self and your dreams. Learning more about your pregnancy options help you make an informed decision and give hope for your future dreams.

An unexpected pregnancy decision doesn’t have to be an end to your dreams. At Avenue Women’s Center, we’ve encountered many women who have faced unexpected pregnancy and continued on the path to their dreams. Our free pregnancy consultations offer you a private and confidential space to discuss your unique concerns with an expert client advocate who cares about meeting your personalized pregnancy decision needs. With over 35 years of experience, we provide you with factual information about your pregnancy options, as well as information about helpful resources and referrals in your community. Don’t let go of your goals with an unexpected pregnancy decision. Let Avenue Women’s Center be the first step you take forward as you create a new path towards your dreams. Call, text, chat, or email us to make your free appointment today!

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