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Believing in Yourself During a Pregnancy Decision

It can be difficult to believe in ourselves when things get challenging. We all reach a point of self-doubt and find ourselves exclaiming, “I can’t do this!” But the situation passes and we do. We survive, we overcome, and we move forward. Many women experience discouraging feelings when facing an unexpected pregnancy. What encouragement can you find to take the next steps in your pregnancy decision?

Believing in ourselves is not always easy in the face of a challenging decision. Find nonjudgmental and encouraging support at Avenue Women’s Center. For nearly 40 years, we’ve come alongside women in unexpected pregnancy decisions with compassion, understanding, and information about their options. Call, text, chat, or email us for your free pregnancy options consultation with our expert staff!

We can all come down hard on ourselves. Each of us have moments when we don’t feel good enough, or when we have trouble believing in ourselves. It just comes through differently for different people. We might react in anger and lash out at those closest to us. Fear may cause us to either fight in a situation or flee from it. Confusion, panic, stress, and anxiety often trickle in right along with self-doubt. We can be at worst when we need to be at our best in a tough situation.

In an unexpected pregnancy situation, it can be difficult to move forward when you’re having trouble believing in yourself to do so. This can be especially true when it feels like others around you are contributing to your self-criticism. Maybe you’re arguing with your partner about which pregnancy option would be best. Perhaps he’s completely out of the picture and this is affecting your options. Your loved ones may be having strong reactions to the pregnancy options on your mind.

Yet, their feelings and reactions are their own—not yours. “When things go wrong … they (women) may conclude that it’s because there is something wrong with their self-concept and personality rather than that there is something wrong in their environment.”* Your partner might be just as scared about this pregnancy decision as you are. Your loved ones may be worried about the pregnancy options you’re considering and how they could impact you.

No matter what circumstances are surrounding you, a pregnancy decision is yours to make and will affect you most directly. It is important to pause for a moment and take your feelings and thoughts about this pregnancy into consideration. Regardless of outside opinions, you can face this pregnancy decision with belief in yourself to move forward.

Facing a Pregnancy Decision: Believing You Are Enough

How do you believe in yourself to handle a decision that scares you, worries you, or stresses you out? With small and encouraging steps:

Learning more can often be a first step towards reaching a pregnancy decision. What information about your pregnancy options would help you think them through? You may want to parent, but don’t feel that you are equipped for it at this stage in life. What might be some parenting resources or assistance in your area to look into? Adoption might be on your mind, but you aren’t sure exactly how the process works. What are the adoption plan options in your state? What kind of legal help could be beneficial to seek? Abortion could also be a strong option. What are the different abortion procedures that might be available to you? What possible risks and side effects are involved with an abortion? What could be some ways to cope with these after an abortion?

Reaching out can be another helpful first step in a pregnancy decision. You may have many questions, and finding the answers on your own can be overwhelming. And if self-doubt is guiding your research, it can feel like you’re getting lost in a sea of information. It’s often easier said than done to reach out when we need assistance. Where might you find support in your decision? Many women find it beneficial in their pregnancy decision-making to speak with a counselor, therapist, spiritual leader, or pregnancy consultant. Find a safe space to voice your concerns and address them with someone trustworthy and encouraging.

Find accurate and reliable information about your pregnancy options at Avenue Women’s Center. Our free options consultations offer the chance to learn more about abortion, adoption, and parenting from experts who care about helping you take the first steps of your pregnancy decision. We provide referrals for parenting resources, information about abortion procedures and risks, and details about local adoption plan options. We are here to provide empathetic, nonjudgmental, and informative support as you think through your pregnancy options. Each woman is given the care and compassion they deserve to believe in themselves and make a pregnancy decision they can feel good about. Contact us for your free appointment in the DuPage County area!


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