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Considering Abortion Because I Won’t Be a Good Mom

There are so many things that go into being a parent. While some people might seem more cut out for motherhood, there are people of all personalities and backgrounds that make excellent mothers. Maybe you’ve interacted with your fair share of kids whether from family members or close friends and you feel like you just don’t have what it takes. So, what happens when you’re faced with a pregnancy decision of your own and you’re afraid you won’t make a good mom?

Are you considering abortion because you feel like you won’t make a good mom? Having these doubts can be stressful and leave you feeling like you’re lacking. At Avenue Women’s Center, we’ve partnered with women since 1981 to empower them in their pregnancy decisions. We’d love to sit with you and hear your story as you consider which steps to take next.

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Evaluating Your Self-Talk

Maybe your ideas about motherhood come from the fact that you don’t enjoy children. Or maybe you didn’t have the greatest experience with your own mother. Perhaps, it’s something different altogether. Regardless of where your ideas have stemmed from, it’s important to remember that they come from somewhere. And our ideas sometimes change throughout life as well. If they originate from self-doubt, it may be helpful to take a few moments and think through your accomplishments in life so far. Remembering all that you’ve gotten through may feel empowering to consider your situation now!

When It’s About Support

Are you worried you won’t have enough resources to give your child the kind of life you think is best? If your situation doesn’t seem conducive now, could that change down the road? Sometimes knowing that there are government and community resources available to you as well can be a gamechanger. How much research have you done into what’s available to you?

What is Motherhood?

Every mom is going to make mistakes. Nobody can raise kids perfectly or raise perfect kids. What’s important is evaluating your strengths and resources and how those can help you in your pregnancy choice.

Details Before You Decide

Making sure you know what each of your pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, and parenting) entail is important. If you aren’t prepared for motherhood but don’t want or can’t get an abortion, adoption may be a good option for you. Or, when considering abortion, it’s important to get an ultrasound exam done so you know which type of abortion you’d be able to get. Avenue Women’s Center offers limited free ultrasound exams for those who are in the process of a pregnancy decision.

If you’re considering abortion because you don’t think you’ll make a good mom, having somebody to talk to can be helpful. One of our compassionate consultants would love to give you neutral space to go through your concerns as well as your options. Your health and best interests are our priority. We offer confidential and free limited medical services to help you in your decision-making process.

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