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Considering Abortion Because I’m Scared of Losing Myself

We live in a society that is very concerned with the image of self and individuality. We are told we must not conform and we must be different and unique. Sometimes when there’s such pressure to “just be yourself,” it can be difficult to even find yourself! Perhaps you feel like you’ve finally grasped who you are as a person but now you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy. So, what do you do if you’re scared of losing yourself with this pregnancy?

Are you considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy because you’re scared of losing yourself? The idea of losing a piece of who you are can be terrifying. The good news is that you don’t have to face this fear alone. At Avenue Women’s Center, we’ve been helping women walk similar paths as yourself since 1981. Our caring experts are would love to sit and chat with you to help you keep YOU in sight.

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What Makes You, You?

Our sense of self is invaluable—we don’t want to feel stripped of our personality, worth, or feel like we’ve let ourselves down. When faced with difficult decisions we might ask ourselves what feels ‘most authentic’ to who we are? Sometimes this can be a helpful way to make decisions, but when it comes down to it, making decisions stems from our goals, dreams, values, and more. When faced with such a crucial, life-changing decision, you may find it best to take time and connect with yourself. Rather than coming from a place of fear, ask yourself which of your pregnancy options could make you a better version of yourself.

Doing Your Research

As you think about what makes you tick, it’s important to thoroughly research and gather information about your pregnancy options. It is often when we make choices that don’t line up with our values and who we are that we begin losing our sense of self. Finding out what your options entail and the benefits or risks to each one can help you make an authentic decision.

We All Change Throughout Life

While we all may have a certain sense of self, we all also change as life goes on. New people, new situations, and new seasons in our life tend to bring about change within ourselves. Sometimes this change can be really good! Think about how this pregnancy could change you for the better. Could you become more responsible? More creative? More outgoing? Maybe there’s a level of care and love waiting to be unlocked by going through with a pregnancy. Considering the positive ways you could grow can be a helpful exercise to think about your options.

Finding Support

Sometimes we all need a little extra support. Having somebody to express our fears or anxiety to can be calming and reassuring. You may find it beneficial at this time to find a trusted confidante. Hopefully, this is somebody who can not only offer you healthy perspectives on your situation but also encourage you!

If you’re afraid of losing yourself during an unexpected pregnancy, you may benefit from talking with a professional. At Avenue, our caring staff can confirm your pregnancy with a free medical-grade pregnancy test, accurate just ten days after possible conception. We can also give you updated information about your pregnancy through a free ultrasound exam. Our consultants look forward to giving you a calming, nonjudgmental space to talk through your situation, fears, and options.

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