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“Considering Abortion Because My Family Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend”

Tension between a partner and family members can be very challenging to navigate, even when your circumstances don’t involve an unexpected pregnancy.  Whether the feelings of dislike are mutual or one-sided, you’re probably feeling caught in the middle of a totally uncomfortable situation.  The opinions and perspectives of your family members may mean a lot to you.  But, so may your relationship with your boyfriend.  Dynamics like these can make a pregnancy decision even more difficult to manage.  An unexpected pregnancy is overwhelming enough even when there isn’t existing strain between your family and your boyfriend!

Our caring staff at Avenue Women’s Center understands how confusing, frustrating, and nerve-racking your circumstances may feel.  We’ve been serving persons facing unexpected pregnancies for over forty years. And we’ve walked beside countless women coping with complicated dynamics like these.  It’s our role to help you navigate the days and weeks ahead with courage.  Avenue is a first-step pregnancy center, providing free, confidential early pregnancy support when it’s needed most.

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A Complex Matter

The reasoning behind your family’s dislike of your boyfriend may be a complex matter all by itself.  If this is motivating you to consider abortion, perhaps you or your loved ones are worried that continuing this pregnancy would have long-term effects on your relationship with your partner.  Your family may be pressuring you to avoid any decision that could potentially tie you to him.  You may also feel tension personally because you really care what your family thinks.  You may even suspect that some of their concerns about your boyfriend are valid.

Identifying Well-Founded Motivations for Your Pregnancy Decision

Without a doubt, you’re in a challenging position.  It may seem logical to let future predictions and present feelings guide your pregnancy decision, but there are lots of variables to consider.  You don’t know what the future holds for your relationships with the people in your life.  Your circumstances and feelings may adapt with time.  So may your boyfriend’s… and your loved ones’, for that matter.  It’s understandable that your family members’ opinions are meaningful to you and may influence significant choices involving your partner.  But maybe this pregnancy decision should be grounded in a firmer foundation, like your values, beliefs, and personal dreams.  Those are valuable inspirations for a pregnancy choice because they’re probably less subject to change, but mainly because you would be the source.  This pregnancy is happening in your body.  You’ll be impacted by the outcome in different and deeper ways than anyone else.  Making a pregnancy decision based on someone else’s preferences is problematic, because this approach will likely lead to regret and resentment if the outcome isn’t right for you.

Communicating Openly with Your Family

Having honest, respectful conversations with your family members can be beneficial as you navigate this unexpected pregnancy.  It can be helpful to clarify your loved ones’ feelings about your boyfriend and find out where they are coming from.  Maybe a misunderstanding has taken place, which could be resolved with a little communication and determination.  Even if your family members really do dislike your boyfriend, and have valid motives for this, a dialogue could create opportunities for mutual respect and empathy to grow.  This could influence your family relationships in a healthy way.  Encouragement is incredibly empowering. Feeling confident that they support you (whether or not they support your choices and leanings) could also make a positive impact on your pregnancy decision.

At Avenue Women’s Center, it’s our mission to help you step into your decision-making role with confidence and autonomy.  We believe reliable information about a person’s pregnancy, her options, and available resources plays a key role in her pregnancy decision-making process, as does caring support.  We’re committed to providing this backing to anyone who would benefit through our quality, no-cost services. 

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