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Considering Abortion: My Partner Seems Indifferent to the Pregnancy

It can be difficult to adjust to the news of an unexpected pregnancy. What do you do when your partner’s response is indifferent to the pregnancy? It’s normal to have periods of emotional ups and downs. Often, you may find yourself wanting extra support.  Maybe he shut down when you shared the news with him, or he hasn’t really engaged around the topic. This can leave you feeling confused about how to move forward with a pregnancy option. And if he’s responding this way now, will he remain unengaged? Perhaps because your partner hasn’t shown much interest, you are now considering abortion. What are your next steps?

Are you considering abortion because of your partner’s indifference? Avenue Women’s Center is a great first step. We offer a unique set of services to help women feel confident when choosing one of their options. Receive in-depth information regarding abortion and abortion alternatives during a free consultation appointment. Our limited medical services will provide further insight into how far along you are and your eligibility for abortion. Receive the education and support you need to make an informed decision.

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Want to Abort Because of My Partner’s Uncertainty of Pregnancy

Your partner’s indifferent response could come from a variety of different reasons.  He may be scared about the future, or he may still be in a state of shock. Or, perhaps he’s not clear on what you need from him. However, talking things through may provide further clarity.

You may feel worried that his subdued reaction is a sign he won’t support certain decisions, such as parenting. This may have led you to consider abortion because maybe you’re concerned you will not have your partner’s help if you choose another option. But what if he thinks that what you want is for him to step back and let you handle this? This is why communication can be important.

Tips for Positive Communication With Your Partner about Pregnancy

Understandably, it can be hard to work through a surprising challenge with your partner. But some helpful steps may include:

  • Talk to one another about how you both feel about the pregnancy. If you find it difficult to listen to one another, then you may want to consult a professional resource. This may include a counselor, a spiritual leader, or a pregnancy consultant.
  • Try to be open about what it is that you need from your partner. Do you need him to just sit with you while you express your feelings? How much involvement do you want him to have in the decision?
  • Are there resources you can both consult for practical assistance? For example, a family member, a friend, or professional support?
  • Have you balanced out a potential abortion decision alongside your choices of parenting and adoption? What are the pros and cons behind each option? How do you feel about being pregnant, and what do you truly want?
  • To practice working alongside one another, have you and your partner considered going to appointments together? Even if you’re considering abortion, you may need to schedule an ultrasound. As you get screened for complications and learn how far along you are, how might this information affect you and your partner? Will it influence the choice you decide to make?

Seeking Support While Pregnant

Finding the right way to communicate with your partner can take time to nurture. Just like making a pregnancy decision, you may need patience. If you’re experiencing difficulties when it comes to talking with one another, it’s recommended you seek outside help. Even if your partner is resistant to speaking with another resource, it can be worthwhile to know you have this type of support available for yourself.

Figuring out what to do after learning about an unexpected pregnancy can be a stressful process. Avenue Women’s Center offers confidential services within a nonjudgmental environment. Our expert staff will answer your questions about abortion, its alternatives, and the different procedures. We know there is often a need for accurate information during this time. That’s why we offer free, limited ultrasound exams to keep you updated about your health. We care about guiding you through the decision-making process and ensuring you have support. If you’d like, we can meet with both you and your partner to facilitate a productive discussion about your options.

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