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“Could This Pregnancy Derail My Career?”

Have you recently received news of an unexpected pregnancy?  If so, your mind is probably reeling with questions about potential outcomes.  Perhaps your career is one important aspect of your lifestyle that you’ve worked hard to establish.  Or, you’ve recently launched into your chosen field.  If you’re scared or frustrated that this pregnancy could derail your career, you’re not alone.  But each woman’s career path (and pregnancy journey) is unique.  You have options!  And you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

Avenue Women’s Center has been a trusted resource in the western Chicago metro area since 1981.  We offer free early pregnancy services- like medical-grade pregnancy tests, limited medical ultrasounds, and options consultations- so the courageous women who visit our limited medical clinics feel equipped to consider their next steps from an informed perspective.

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Navigating Life’s Disruptions

A strong career takes planning!  Chances are, you’ve worked hard to develop a professional strategy- probably one that leaves little to no room for an unexpected pregnancy.  It’s impossible to plan for every possible outcome, after all.  Perhaps parenting isn’t something you want right now (or ever).  Maybe you’re a busy mom, already performing a balancing act of responsibilities between work and home.  An unexpected pregnancy can be disruptive regardless of your unique circumstances.  Bodily changes and a looming pregnancy choice may feel distracting, uncomfortable, and even devastating.  That’s why first-step pregnancy clinics like Avenue Women’s Center exist- to help women and couples navigate the road ahead with confidence.

Reliable Information on All Your Pregnancy Options

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, it’s normal to fear potential consequences.  Worry can easily play a decisive role in a woman’s pregnancy decision.  Does this strike a chord?  Here’s a simple but encouraging reminder:  Every woman has multiple pregnancy options available to her (abortion, adoption, and parenting).  Maybe you need some additional information, resources, or support to lean into your own best pregnancy choice.  That’s okay!  Avenue Women’s Center has your back.  Our pregnancy consultants are here to provide reliable information on all your possible avenues, with compassion and neutrality.  We understand that there may be many factors influencing your pregnancy decision.  It’s our job to listen and inform.  Avenue is a judgment-free zone!

Accepting the Unexpected

An unexpected pregnancy, and the choices that follow, might affect your career plans.  This can feel really frustrating and overwhelming at times.  However, just because a career path has been modified doesn’t mean it’s been ruined or abandoned!  Maybe a change of plans could even present opportunities for personal and professional growth.  That’s always a possibility, because you’re a well-rounded and resilient woman who’s been shaped, at least in part, by her life experiences.  Are you interested in parenting as a pregnancy option?  Maybe there’s a way to explore this possibility while continuing your career.  Many communities offer practical resources to help women achieve balance and good health.  And a small group of supporters can be incredibly empowering!  Avenue Women’s Center is here to provide encouragement, and to help you strengthen and build your own support system, wherever your journey leads.

An unexpected pregnancy may impact many areas of a woman’s life, and that can be a harsh reality.  Are you asking yourself, “Could this pregnancy derail my career?”  The answer may be complex and difficult to predict.  But chances are, you’ll feel better equipped to face the future once you’ve learned about this unique pregnancy, the options before you, and available resources.  Let your values, insights, and knowledge guide your next steps- not your fear. 

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