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“Embracing my Autonomy this 4th of July”

Who doesn’t love the summertime?  And for that matter, who doesn’t love the 4th of July- a mid-summer holiday that most Americans associate with fireworks, parades, and barbecue?  Probably someone who’s facing very challenging circumstances, who’s not in the mood for celebrating.  Maybe you’re coping with an unexpected pregnancy as this Independence Day approaches.  And, although you would normally enjoy a sun-filled, festive day off, your upcoming 4th of July plans seem trivial compared with your overall situation.

If you’re dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, you’re likely feeling deeply anxious and overwhelmed.  Know that you don’t have to face this pregnancy alone as the summer season continues.  Avenue Women’s Center is here to be your advocate and ally.  For over forty years, we’ve been providing free first-step pregnancy support to persons in Chicagoland, Illinois and beyond.

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July 4th: A Brief History

American Independence Day (the 4th of July) dates back to the American Revolution, although it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1941, according to  Many Americans have some knowledge of the historical events behind July 4th.  But many don’t.  And many more would probably say, “I’m fuzzy on the details.”  So, by way of recap…

Before the U.S. became the U.S., we were a group of thirteen colonies under the rule of Great Britain.  The Revolutionary War, which pitted American colonists against the British Empire, first broke out in April 1775.  On July 2nd, 1776, The American Continental Congress voted for the colonies to become independent of Great Britain (government by the British had become increasingly unpopular among the colonists by that time).  Two days later, on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted (  Modern-day 4th of July celebrations mark this historically significant event.  The British armed forces later surrendered to the American armed forces in 1781 and the fighting officially ended in 1783 (

Owning Your Independence

Since the days of the American Revolution, the values of autonomy and freedom have been widely celebrated in the United States.  These are core components of “the American identity,” dating back to the late-1700s.  Has it occurred to you that the same principles are extremely important when it comes to a pregnancy decision?  Your choice for abortion, adoption, or parenting concerns your health and wellness.  The outcome will impact you more than anyone else.  So, it’s critical to make an autonomous, informed decision that’s grounded in your strengths- not your fears.  Avenue Women’s Center exists to help persons coping with an unexpected pregnancy access the resources and support they need to succeed in this mission.  We believe every woman in your shoes deserves accurate, holistic, timely information about her pregnancy and her options, so she can feel confident in her pregnancy choice when it’s time to move forward.

When the leaders of the American colonies stood up for their autonomy and signed the Declaration of Independence, their struggle for freedom stretched on.  The Revolutionary War was fought for another seven years!  But in the end, victory was theirs.  Owning your independence as you face your pregnancy decision may not be easy.  This pursuit may require courage, patience, effort, sacrifice, hard work, and outward support.  But, it’s absolutely possible to find your strength and discover your best outcome!

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