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Everything Happens for a Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” Perhaps you’ve been hearing that from people around you for years. You’ve believed it yourself. You believe it now. But how does it apply to the circumstances you’re currently facing? When life brings you something huge and life-changing… like an unplanned pregnancy? How can you resolve your belief with this pregnancy situation? This is no small deal.

You’re right. It’s not. It’s not something you can just shrug off or ignore. Neither is it something you should have to deal with all alone. But where and with whom is it safe to talk about this? That’s a tough one to answer. Apart from the fact that you may be hesitant to go public with it at this point, simple statements are not all you need. We get that. We’ve worked with women of all ages in lots of different circumstances. Probably even some similar to yours. May we come alongside you for this unexpected detour you’re now encountering?

Since 1981, the experienced pregnancy consultants of Avenue Women’s Center have been living out our commitment to give the best possible support and assistance to those struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. We are here to do that for you as well. It’s not easy, but it’s easier when you’re in partnership with others who care. By call, text, email or chat, we encourage you to reach out and allow us to walk with you.

Any unplanned pregnancy brings you to a major crossroad. This isn’t something you were anticipating. You had other plans, and pregnancy wasn’t part of them. What reason could there possibly be for this to happen? All you can think of is the many reasons it shouldn’t have happened! Still, here it is. So what now?

Because it can be a life-changing decision, one of the most important things you can do is to gather for yourself all the information you can about your options. Termination of the pregnancy? Parenting? Adoption? You may not be able to make “sense” or “reason” out of the situation right now, but you will need to choose a path. You personally are the one who must choose your best path, but you needn’t go through the process alone.

Although your situation is immediate, the route you choose will likely have long-term impact for you and for others in your life. For that reason, you owe it to yourself to take the time you need to explore all your options. You can’t tell what the future will be or how it will turn out, but by exploring all possibilities and thinking through to the long view, you’ll be better prepared for wherever that road may take you.

With a caring, nonjudgmental listening ear, your pregnancy consultant is able to share the information you need and ask questions that will help you sort through the tangle of emotions, options and decisions before you. We’re pleased to have been able to do that for many others over the years. Just last month, one of our clients had this to say about her time with us:

“What I liked best about CareNet was … how well my counselor responded and showed how much she cared and wanted to help me by giving me information that would help also with helping me not limit my decision by giving me alternative options.”

Whatever course you choose at this time, if you believe “everything happens for a reason,” we hope that you will be able to look back with confidence and understanding. As you move towards that day, please contact us and allow us to assist you in your journey.

The information provided here is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional. Before any medical procedure, it is imperative that you discuss your personal medical history, risks, and concerns with your doctor. If you have questions during or after a procedure, your doctor should be immediately contacted. Avenue Women’s Center is not an emergency center.  If you are experiencing severe symptoms, such as bleeding and/or pain, seek immediate medical attention.  Contact your physician, go to an emergency room, or call 911.