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Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy When I Have an Addiction

The path to healing from addiction to drugs or alcohol, similar to an unexpected pregnancy, does not have to be a journey you must embark on alone. After finding out that you’re pregnant, you might be asking yourself what your options are if you struggle with addiction. This can be an overwhelming situation. And the circumstances surrounding your addiction may be influencing your pregnancy decision. Where do you turn for help when facing both addiction and an unexpected pregnancy?

Are you worried about what to do after learning you’re pregnant while battling an addiction? Avenue Women’s Center assists women through their own unique unexpected pregnancy situations. Our caring staff will meet with you for a private consultation about your options. We’ll discuss any concerns you may have while answering your questions within a nonjudgmental environment. We’re here to partner with you through this experience and ensure you have access to any reliable information you may need.

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Where Can I Get Help If I’m Pregnant and Have an Addiction?

 Seeking help when faced with an obstacle can be hard. You may be afraid of being judged. Or perhaps you’re used to taking care of things by yourself, and you’re reluctant to ask for assistance. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out when you need a hand. In fact, recognizing that you need help is often a sign of strength.

There are compassionate resources that can work with you throughout this experience. Healthcare providers, counselors, and pregnancy consultants are available. If you’re pregnant and attempting to overcome an addiction to some sort of substance or alcohol, having a supportive network behind you can be important. Quitting on your own is possible. But it’s usually not as effective as working with professionals who can aid you in resolving this problem.

What Can I Do If I’m Struggling With an Addiction During My Pregnancy?

Friends and Family:

On top of working with a professional regarding your addiction, is there anyone in your personal life you can contact to help you through this time—especially with the support you may need to face an unexpected pregnancy? Someone who knows you well can provide you with a safe, familiar environment you can turn to for encouragement. This can be a hard journey. But having access to a set of relationships that can offer support can make the path seem a little less certain. Whether you choose to parent or pursue other options, you might want to think about how would you like them to be there for you throughout this experience.

Treatment Center:

Reaching out to a treatment center or a maternity home that specializes in addiction can be a helpful step. Licensed professionals typically run these facilities. They can guide you through the rehabilitation process and support you throughout the pregnancy. These centers can provide you with a safe place to recover, as well as help you build relationships with women who are facing a similar situation.

Assess Your Health:

Being pregnant and facing addiction can be a challenging obstacle to overcome. Certain drugs and alcohol can be harmful to women. And you may be at risk for complications. This is why it can be important to communicate with a professional about your health. Also, if you haven’t done so already, you may want to schedule an ultrasound exam. By doing this, you can learn more about your pregnancy and any further treatment that may be needed.

Reaching Out For Support

If you’re pregnant and addicted, you are not alone in your struggle. By reaching out for assistance, you have taken the first step towards completing a plan that can help create the future you want for yourself. It may take time, but try to be patient as you seek help and congratulate yourself for even the smallest of accomplishments.

You are not alone if you’re facing an addiction during your unexpected pregnancy. Avenue Women’s Center is here to provide confidential support and care. Our expert staff will guide you through all of your options, supplying you with the services and resources you need to navigate your pregnancy decision. We understand this can be an emotional journey, and that’s why we’re here to work with you.

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