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Feeling Numb After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Something we can usually depend on in our lives is the occurrence of change. While change is a part of life, there are times where we may not be able to anticipate when it will happen, nor are we always compelled to embrace it. We may not feel prepared when an unexpected event happens, and our human desire for things to remain the same means we may subtly try to protect ourselves from it. A positive pregnancy test can lead to feelings of numbness, and this can serve as our mind’s way of attempting to safeguard us from our emotions. An unexpected pregnancy often requires stepping outside of yourself to acknowledge this new adjustment to your routine as you begin to make a plan for the future.

If you’re feeling numb after a positive pregnancy test, Avenue Women’s Center is able to provide you with unexpected pregnancy assistance. Our compassionate pregnancy consultants can meet with you for a private consultation, answering your questions and offering reliable information about abortion, adoption, and parenting. We understand processing this new change can seem overwhelming, and that’s why our trained staff is here to walk with you every step of the way. Contact us and book your free appointment today!

Why Do I Feel Numb After a Pregnancy Test?

An overwhelming experience can lead to a form of emotional retreat from the body and the outside world. It’s possible that even though the positive pregnancy test result came as a surprise, instead of feeling angry or scared, there’s this sensation of detachment. While emotional numbness often manifests itself in different ways, it’s common for there to be feelings of depersonalization, physical and mental exhaustion, and a sense of being on autopilot throughout the day.

The numbness you feel may be your body’s way of responding to the stress of an unexpected pregnancy. Feelings of emotional distress can often impact our decisions, so it may be best to take more time before making a choice. Each of your unexpected pregnancy options benefit from careful contemplation and a sense of clarity about what direction you’d like to take. A thoughtful discussion about your unexpected pregnancy options can always come after you’ve begun to address any underlying feelings that may be buried beneath the numbness.

What Are Some Healthy Coping Strategies?

Maintain Your Schedule:

On top of safely exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, it’s possible to regain a sense of control by keeping to your regular schedule as much as possible. Since an unexpected pregnancy may have led to a few alterations to your typical day, keeping certain things the same can serve as an anchor amongst change. Exposing yourself to something familiar can create a sense of safety that can lure you out of the numbness your mind has crafted. Maintaining a schedule may help you relax a little, so try to continue with activities such as going for a walk in the morning, or other tasks you normally do.

Reach Out:

When our mind is preoccupied with negative thoughts, there is generally a limit to how much we can recover through self-care. During times of emotional numbness, especially with an unexpected pregnancy, it’s often best to seek outside help. There is a chance that your mental exhaustion is due to a psychological condition, or you need help understanding what may have triggered your current state. Reaching out to a loved one or a professional resource is a sign of strength, as it indicates that you have a deep enough understanding of yourself to recognize when you need assistance. A pregnancy consultant or a therapist are just a few avenues of support that can talk through your feelings with you and provide you with a safe environment to express yourself.

Take it Easy:

There may be a sense of pressure to make a decision about your unexpected pregnancy, and your current emotions may be an attempt to block out your anxiety about choosing from one of your three options. Remember that your choices of abortion, adoption, and parenting are likely to still be there after you’ve taken some time to restore yourself to a healthy emotional state. You are allowed to have space and moments of relaxation before you begin working on your unexpected pregnancy plan. Try to incorporate moments of fun into your day, such as spending time with friends or doing something you enjoy. The more time you give yourself to laugh and be at ease, the more likely it is that your levels of serotonin and endorphins will increase. These are hormones that can make you feel good, and laughing can also decrease the levels of a stress-producing hormone known as cortisol. It’s recommended that you surround yourself with positive energy when experiencing numbness, as this can prevent you from working against yourself during an unexpected pregnancy.

It’s easy to feel numb due to the shock of an unexpected pregnancy, but Avenue Women’s Center is here to offer nonjudgmental support. Our caring pregnancy consultants can sit with you for an open discussion about your pregnancy and any concerns you have, working to abate feelings of distress. Take time to learn more about your options of abortion, adoption, and parenting in a comfortable, safe environment. Reach out for free unexpected pregnancy support today!


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