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Finding Identity Amid Crisis

Being in the midst of a crisis can sometimes make us feel like we’ve lost our sense of self. When faced with difficult decisions and distressing circumstances we might feel consumed with anxiety, anger or bitterness. Maybe you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and you feel blindsided. Perhaps it’s all you can think about lately because it’s a huge deal! You might feel like you can’t even remember who you were before all of this happened. That can be a distressing and lonely place to be.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity as you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy? Feeling like you’ve forgotten yourself in the midst of a crisis can make the situation even more distressing. You don’t have to face this alone. Avenue Women’s Center has been helping women in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy for 40 years. We have six locations across DuPage County and we’re here to equip you with everything you need for your next steps.

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Where to Start?

When burdened with intense situations and feelings, and having to face a difficult decision, we might feel like we are barely hanging on. Seeing a way forward might seem impossible. It’s easy to feel like the intensity of your circumstance has stripped you of who you are. You may feel overwhelmed by the many pieces of information, worries, or other people’s opinions swimming in your head right now. This can make it difficult to even figure out where to start! But there is a way forward. Here are some ideas to get back to feeling like you again.

Visit Old Memories

Sometimes it helps just to take a trip down memory lane. Looking at photos, watching videos of yourself, or reading old journals or notebooks can spark something in you. You can think about your personality back then, your favorite foods or songs, or what was happening at those times in your life.

Make a List and Do it!

It could be beneficial to sit down and make a list. Write out what you remember your favorite things being, whether food, music, movies, places to visit, people to see. And then, once you’re done, actually do some of these things! Giving yourself the time and space to reconnect with yourself can help you feel more at peace with your situation and remind yourself that you are still you.

Adjust Your Own Perspective

Making room for yourself to accept your situation can be helpful, too. If you are trying to hang on to how things were or who you were back then, you might be disappointed. Things have changed for you. But that doesn’t make you any less you. Remember that you are strong and that you can navigate this new territory.

It can be helpful to talk through all of these feelings and information with an unbiased professional. Having somebody who cares and who can listen without judgment can be just what’s needed in times of crisis. Our caring consultants would love to become part of your support system as you work toward finding yourself again. We will be here for you no matter what.  

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The information provided here is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional. Before any medical procedure, it is imperative that you discuss your personal medical history, risks, and concerns with your doctor. If you have questions during or after a procedure, your doctor should be immediately contacted. Avenue Women’s Center is not an emergency center.  If you are experiencing severe symptoms, such as bleeding and/or pain, seek immediate medical attention.  Contact your physician, go to an emergency room, or call 911.