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Finding Strength in Those Around You During Unexpected Pregnancy

Navigating an unexpected pregnancy can feel isolating. Perhaps this new circumstance also makes you feel incapable of facing what’s next with your own strength. At times like these, it can be so helpful to have a supportive community of trusted friends and family. When you feel you aren’t strong enough, how do you find strength in those around you as you face your unexpected pregnancy?

Feeling like you lack strength in a new, unexpected situation can be difficult, especially when it’s something so life-changing like a pregnancy! At Avenue Women’s Center, we can help you formulate a plan forward and find strength in supportive resources as you make a pregnancy decision.

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Finding Strength in Community

Sometimes our greatest strengths come in the form of our community. Those closest to us usually have an inside glimpse of what’s going on in our life. This gives them the unique opportunity to help and support us in our time of need! Think about your community. Who are you close to that you’ve always been able to trust? Figuring out who is in your life with whom you can share your news could be a great step toward facing this situation with greater strength. Sometimes just knowing that somebody else is aware of what you’re going through can be a courage booster.

Finding Strength in Similarity

Do you know anyone who has gone through a similar situation that you’re in now? This person may be able to offer perspective or help that somebody else may not be able to. Even if they can’t offer lots of help, knowing somebody else understands can be a comfort. And if you don’t have anybody in your life who has been through something similar, our pregnancy consultants have met with many women who have. We would love to hear your story and encourage you.

Finding Strength in Those Right Next to You

It is okay to rely on others during difficult times in life. Nobody should have to walk through challenges alone. Often enough our greatest gifts and greatest strengths are in the form of the people right next to us.

If you need help figuring out where to find some strength to face your unexpected pregnancy, we’re here for you. Not only can we provide you with practical, free, and confidential limited medical services, but we can make sure you have a compassionate, nonjudgmental person to talk to about your situation.

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