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He Had No Response to My Pregnancy News

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a difficult experience when it’s not something you expected. What happens when you tell your partner the news and there is a lackluster response? Perhaps he didn’t even respond at all. This can leave you feeling confused and isolated. What can you do if he had no response to your pregnancy news?

Even without your partner’s response, you don’t have to navigate a pregnancy decision alone. Avenue Women’s Center is here to provide expertise, information, and support to help you take the next steps. Receive nonjudgmental care in a comfortable environment where you can address any questions or concerns you may have. Call, chat, email or text for a free appointment at one of our five DuPage County locations today!

Breaking the news about an unexpected pregnancy may feel like a daunting task. When you finally work up the nerve to tell your partner, it can be disappointing if his response was not what you hope for or expected. What factors may be playing into his response? How do you move forward despite the way he responds?

Factors Impacting His Response

Without understanding your partner’s response, it can be helpful to think about the factors that may have a role. How was the pregnancy news given to him—in person, over the phone, or through text? Were you able to talk about the situation at length, or was it a brief conversation? Did the conversation take place late at night, or perhaps after an argument or conflict? The circumstances leading up to the conversation are big factors in how life-changing news such as an unexpected pregnancy is both delivered and received.

He could be experiencing his own set of concerns or questions that may be different than yours. He may not feel like he has access to support or a safe place to process through his own thoughts and emotions. He may just feel overwhelmed and think the only way to respond in a positive manner is not to respond at all. All of this and more may be influencing his lack of response.

When He Doesn’t Respond, How Do You Move Forward?

Although we might be able to identify some contributing factors, only he truly knows why he didn’t respond to your pregnancy news. If you plan to continue your relationship, it’s worth discussing his response (or lack thereof) together. Take some time to communicate how you both feel and what is impacting both of your responses to the unexpected pregnancy news. Bring the topic up when you’re rested and free from major distractions. Respectfully hear each other out. Let him know how his response made you feel and listen to the factors that may have led him to his reaction.

Perhaps you don’t see a future for your relationship. Is it worth revisiting his lack of response towards your pregnancy news? That is something only you can answer. Ultimately, you cannot control how other people react, but you can control our own reactions. How much will you allow his lack of response to impact you? At the end of the day, the pregnancy decision most impacts you. It important that you are prepared to make a decision that feels right to you, regardless of how he responds.

Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. We understand that each woman’s situation is unique. Our free pregnancy consultations allow you to meet with an expert client advocate and receive information on all your pregnancy options. Receive helpful support and vital services that will assist you in taking the next step towards making a pregnancy decision. Contact us right away!

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