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Healing Emotionally from an Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy is often a significant event in a woman’s life.  So, this experience can sometimes leave complex, unresolved feelings in its wake.  Is an unexpected pregnancy something you’ve faced recently or in the past?  If so, you may need to begin or continue a healing process- regardless of the pregnancy decision you’re leaning toward, or have already made.  Finding authentic, caring support is likely going to be an important part of your journey.  Avenue Women’s Center is here to help!

Maybe you’ve experienced firsthand how an unexpected pregnancy can impact a woman’s emotions and relationships.  Sometimes, those effects linger.  Avenue Women’s Center offers support to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.  We’re here to help women navigate the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy.  We’ve been serving women from Chicagoland, Illinois and beyond for over forty years!

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Unexpected Pregnancy: A Uniquely Challenging Experience

An unexpected pregnancy can be a stressful experience for many reasons.  Perhaps your own story has included overwhelming emotions, physical changes, and difficult family conversations.  Not to mention the anxiety that often comes with a pregnancy choice.  Every pregnancy journey is unique, and so is every emotional recovery process.  Your path toward healing may look different than someone else’s- and there’s nothing wrong with that!  But if you’re struggling to recover emotionally from an unexpected pregnancy, now is a good time to take some practical steps forward.

Practical Steps to Move Toward Healing

Many women find these actions helpful to the healing process.

Access support.

Receiving support from someone compassionate and trustworthy is vital at every stage of your pregnancy experience.  Consider confiding in someone like a close family member, mentor, faith leader, or pregnancy consultant.  Perhaps another person in your life could offer encouragement and a fresh perspective to help you move forward with greater confidence.  If you need support from a mental health professional to heal from an unexpected pregnancy, that’s okay!  Many women do- especially when they’re already coping with other sources of stress.  A first-step pregnancy center like Avenue Women’s Center can offer practical and emotional support, in addition to any professional referrals you may need.

Understand your options and resources. 

If you haven’t yet made a pregnancy decision, learning about all your options (abortion, adoption, and parenting) may offer some clarity.  Many women feel thrust in one direction due to difficult circumstances or pressure from loved ones.  This can cause anxiety, resentment, and other complex and painful emotions.  Remember that every woman has options- regardless of her unique situation.  Chances are, your community offers resources to help meet your practical and emotional needs no matter which pregnancy option you decide on.  But if you receive reliable information about your options and resources before making your pregnancy decision, you may feel better equipped to choose the path that’s best for you.  And that could make for a smoother emotional healing process.  Avenue Women’s Center is here to provide accurate information on all your pregnancy options, and to help you learn about the pregnancy itself.  Many women find it beneficial to understand their chances of miscarriage and other complications to make the most informed choice.  Services we offer at Avenue, like a free limited medical ultrasound, can help with that.

Prioritize self-care.

Self-care is important in every season of life, especially when you’re navigating a stressful situation like an unexpected pregnancy.  Unfortunately, self-care can easily end up on the back burner, especially when life gets busy.  Check out our blog on self-care during pregnancy!  Perhaps some of these tips could be helpful in your own healing process.

Dealing with painful emotions caused by an unexpected pregnancy is often a gradual and challenging process.  A single blog couldn’t possibly cover the complexity of this experience, nor could it address all the unique factors that affect a woman’s healing process.  But no matter what you’re facing, Avenue Women’s Center is here to process and navigate your circumstances by your side.  Our expert staff is attentive to your unique strengths and needs, and would love to partner with you on your healing journey.

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