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Hiding an Abortion Decision

Abortion is not the easiest option to discuss with your partner or loved ones. Terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision that many women face. While some women feel confident that abortion is right for them, others struggle with the decision. They might want to hide as they think about having an abortion, keeping their pregnancy decision to themselves. But is keeping an abortion decision to yourself the best approach? What effects can hiding have before you decide on an abortion?

If you’re looking for confidential help as you make an unexpected pregnancy decision, let Avenue Women’s Center be a private and nonjudgmental place to find support. Our free services include confidential consultations with expert client advocates to help you learn more information about each of your pregnancy options, including abortion. We care about your privacy and helping you feel supported as you take the first steps of your decision. Call, text, chat, or email us today for your free appointment at any of our five Chicagoland centers!

Hiding Before Deciding About Abortion

Each woman struggling with a decision about abortion has her own personal reasons, but may be going through similar challenges as others. “What if” thoughts and scenarios flood your mind. Waves of mixed emotions become doubt, fear, and anxiety about your decision. Personal or religious beliefs about abortion might tug at your heart. Whatever the reason, you aren’t ready to share your thoughts with anyone yet, or maybe not at all. There’s already so much you’re feeling and thinking, and adding others’ insight to the mix is overwhelming. However, hiding before deciding about abortion can take its toll and might not be in your best interest.

Keeping something a secret from those we care about most, such as your partner or loved ones, can wear on you physically. The stress of secrecy can cause high blood pressure, increased heart rate, memory loss, sleep deprivation, and even gastrointestinal issues. This stress can also impact your ability to think clearly and lead to impulsiveness, which doesn’t ensure you’ll make a thoughtful, informed, or confident pregnancy decision. While you spend so much energy on hiding your abortion thoughts, you might be losing focus on the decision itself. And with so many aspects involved with an abortion decision, you will need all the focus you can muster to think over the different procedures, potential risks, and costs involved.

Coming Out of Hiding to Make an Abortion Decision

Finding the courage to voice your concerns about a potential abortion might feel impossible. As hard as it seems to speak up, it can also be beneficial in moving forward with your decision. Here are a few helpful things to consider as come out of hiding to make a decision about abortion.

Be honest with yourself first. You can’t make an authentic choice if you aren’t being real with yourself about it. If you’re hiding a decision about abortion, ask yourself that tough question: Why? What are your personal reasons for not wanting to speak up? The answer might be difficult to confront, but important to examine as you decide. On the surface, you might have many excuses and justifications for being secretive, and some might be completely understandable and legitimate. At the same time, you might be hiding things even from yourself if you don’t look deeper.

Gather information along with your thoughts. It’s often easier to come forward about something when we ourselves have a better understanding about it, as well as our own feelings. What are your biggest questions about abortion? As you research the answers, look for unbiased, accurate, and reliable abortion information. What are your most significant concerns about potentially having an abortion? Weigh out what you feel are the pros and cons, organizing them by importance.

Choose your audience wisely. Consider the source as you share your thoughts about abortion. Is there an empathetic person in your life who will listen without judgment or influence? Maybe this person is precisely the same one you’re most afraid of telling. A partner, family member, or close friend might not agree with your abortion consideration, or they may have a strong reaction to the news. Where else can you turn? A spiritual leader, counselor, or pregnancy consultant might be a helpful outside source to confide in to help process your thoughts on abortion.

At Avenue Women’s Center, we understand that speaking up about an unexpected pregnancy decision can be difficult. We offer women a supportive, compassionate, and nonjudgmental space to voice their concerns and receive accurate, reliable information about their pregnancy options, including abortion. We care about supporting you as you decide, and we take your confidentiality and privacy seriously. Reach out to us today for your free options consultation and take the next steps forward in your pregnancy decision.


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