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For something that’s generally described as “a woman’s choice,” the man involved has a lot of influence.

As discussed in Whose Choice Is It? the decision is technically totally hers, but a woman’s decision will be shaped by her partner’s opinion and the circumstances of their relationship.

For instance, if the partners are not in a committed relationship, or if the relationship is new, the woman is likely to feel some pressure to abort, no matter what her partner actually says about it.

If the man has a strong opinion about what the woman should do, they can try to work things out by discussing the reasons and possible consequences of each decision. In extreme cases, guys may turn to manipulation or threats to get women to make a certain choice. This is damaging to the relationship and can be dangerous for women.

Sometimes guys feel pressure to hide their own feelings. He may think expressing his opinion will violate her right to choose. However, in this situation, honesty and open communication between partners is a necessity. If a man says “I’ll support whatever you decide,” a woman may hear “He’s not excited about the pregnancy, so he doesn’t want me to keep it.” Men, if you have an opinion, please express it so your partner can make her decision with the most accurate information available.

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