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I Blame My Partner for an Unexpected Pregnancy

Your initial reaction to learning about an unexpected pregnancy might have been shock. Then, as you thought about your situation more, perhaps your surprise evolved into anger. Combined with potential feelings of frustration about your circumstances, maybe you feel as if your partner is to blame. The answer to the question regarding how you two can move forward with this revelation often depends on the nature of your relationship and the level of communication between you. It’s not uncommon for there to be strong emotions when a couple feels unprepared for pregnancy. But how do you move forward when you feel like your partner is to blame? 

Navigating an unexpected pregnancy is hard enough, without feeling like your partner holds most of the fault. Avenue Women’s Center understands that each woman’s situation is unique. Regardless of the circumstances that brought you here, we can help you move forward in a pregnancy decision. Through a private consultation, we’ll provide you with reliable information about your options. And we can meet with you and your partner to establish healthy communication as you discuss your choices.

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Navigating an Unexpected Pregnancy: Blaming Your Partner

When faced with a difficult circumstance that feels out of our control, we may be tempted to blame other people. In the case of an unexpected pregnancy, it may seem comforting to find fault in your partner for not having a vasectomy, wearing a condom, failing to pull out, or any number of things. By focusing on a physical embodiment of a reason for your current situation, it can feel as if a bit of clarity has been gained.

After discovering you were pregnant, you might have found yourself looking for answers, more specifically, how this could have happened. Pointing out the flaws in your partner appears at first to offer an explanation for why this event has occurred. Accepting the fact that something happened that we might not have planned for can be hard. While you may be angry with your partner, have you thought about how much you want him to be involved in the decision-making process?

Throughout this journey, you may find yourself contemplating a lot of choices. You may start thinking carefully about how to navigate through all of your options. It can seem overwhelming at first. But processing the information you have with a reliable form of support can be beneficial. As you consider contacting a professional resource who can work with you at this time, do you feel as if you want your partner there with you?

You may be mad or frustrated with him. But do you foresee yourself needing him as a source of familiar comfort as you weigh the pros and cons of abortion, adoption, and parenting?

How Can I Talk to My Partner About Pregnancy Decisions?

Reflect on your emotional state as you seek answers regarding your options. There’s often no easy choice when it comes your pregnancy. And part of the process can involve creating space to make a decision. As you and your partner consider how to move forward, it can be important to find a healthy way to talk to one another.

The discomfort that can accompany the unknown may make this hard, and that may fuel your anger towards your partner. You may feel he’s not taking your anxiousness seriously enough, or doing enough to help you. The moments prior to making a pregnancy decision may be full of uncertainties. This is why it can be challenging to talk to your partner.

Bringing in a Third Party to Talk

It can be helpful for an unbiased third party to mediate a conversation between the two of you. This person may be a counselor, a spiritual leader, or a pregnancy consultant. These resources can help facilitate a healthy discussion of each other’s feelings. By finding ways to communicate with one another, you and your partner may be able to better operate as one another’s source of support.

How can you be each other’s listening ear? What can you do to help one another? How can you make it clear to him where you may need your partner to be at this time?

Seeking answers to your pregnancy questions can be a confusing process, and this makes conversations with your partner difficult. But try to consider how you and your partner can best engage one another. Finding the right words to say can help you act as one another’s source of encouragement.

Is feeling your partner is to blame making it difficult to talk to him about an unexpected pregnancy? Avenue Women’s Center is here to address your unique situation through expert services and compassionate support. In a private consultation, our caring staff can help facilitate a healthy discussion between you and your partner. We can also meet with you individually to discuss your options and address your questions or concerns.

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