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“I Can’t Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant!”

I recently heard someone say, “I can’t tell my parents I’m pregnant! My mom will be so disappointed in me and my dad might even kick me out of the house!”

Being a mom of two daughters, I know that I would want my girls to tell me if they were to get pregnant. I would be disappointed, but I would also be okay!

Many parents have dreams for their children. They want them to find the right person to marry, to have the security of a home and job, and then start a family. That being said, I love my daughters and want to support them no matter what circumstance they find themselves in. Here are some things that I hope my daughter would do if she were to tell me she was pregnant:

  • I hope that my daughter would tell me as soon as possible. It seems that when we put things off they feel bigger and scarier.
  • I would want her to tell me in person or write me a note. Sending a text feels very impersonal.
  • I hope that she would wait for the right time to tell me about the pregnancy—not as I rush in the door after a long day of work.
  • When she speaks to me it would be helpful if she communicated calmly how she is feeling, how she needs my love and support.
  • Hopefully she would remember that I will need time to process all I am hearing, just as she needed time to process the pregnancy for herself.

It won’t be easy to tell your parents about your pregnancy, but hopefully you will be surprised to find that with some patience, understanding, and clear communication the whole family can get through a very difficult time.

If you want help figuring out how to best tell your parents, remember that you can call CareNet. We would love to help you.

Guest blog by Terri C. Terri works in the Wood Dale office and has helped many families deal with unexpected pregnancies.

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