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“I Don’t Want Anyone to Know About My Unexpected Pregnancy”

For some women, there may be pressure to conceal an unexpected pregnancy. It may be something you’re not comfortable sharing with others yet, or for safety reasons, you’re keeping your pregnancy a secret. Before you make a pregnancy decision, careful contemplation is advised, and seeking support during a stressful situation may aid in your choice.

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and considering your options, Avenue Women’s Center is here for you. We understand each woman’s situation is unique, and our services are confidential and supportive. Our expert client advocates can supply you with information about all of your pregnancy options—abortion, adoption, and parenting, and offer you free consultation through a nonjudgmental environment. Contact us for a free appointment today!

There a variety of reasons why you may feel you have to keep your unexpected pregnancy a secret, as you may be scared to tell your friends or family, or you’re uncomfortable with others knowing. No matter your reasoning, there are resources available to offer you support and guidance.

Talking to a Trained Professional

If you’re too nervous to tell your loved ones about an unexpected pregnancy, then a pregnancy consultant or a trusted counselor can offer advice. These caring professionals can help you communicate with your friends and family about your pregnancy, providing you with tips on how to have a beneficial, productive discussion. A pregnancy consultant may also be able to walk you through your pregnancy options of parenting, adoption, and abortion, ensuring you have all of the information you need to feel confident in sharing your plans.

Abortion as a Confidential Pregnancy Option

For some women, abortion offers a quick solution that prevents others from discovering their unexpected pregnancy. You may need to consider relevant factors such as cost, whether your pregnancy is within your state’s legal gestational limit, and potential side effects. Some states require parental notification, meaning your parent or guardian must be informed about the abortion in advance. Each woman’s abortion experience is different, but the permanence of an abortion decision means careful research is advised.

Confidential Adoption as a Pregnancy Option

Some women who choose adoption opt to keep it secret from certain friends or relatives. An adoption specialist can help you set up a plan tailored to your needs, maintaining your privacy whilst providing you with guidance through the process. Some agencies may even assist by finding you housing or connecting you to other avenues of support for the duration of your pregnancy. While anonymous adoption agencies can help conceal your unexpected pregnancy, you will need to speak to the agency directly for more information. Speak with the agency, letting them know your confidentiality is important. Calling and receiving more information from an adoption agency does not automatically commit you to this plan.

Avenue Women’s Center understands formulating a pregnancy plan can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t want anyone to know about your unexpected pregnancy. That’s why we’re here to offer confidential support. Our expert client advocates can guide you through your choices and address any of your concerns. You are not alone, and Avenue seeks to provide you with safe, compassionate care. Schedule a free consultation with us today!


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