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I Don’t Want to Be a Single Parent

How we grow up often teaches what we want and don’t want in our own lives. Maybe we look up to our parents and loved ones, aspiring to be as hard working and driven as they were in raising us. Perhaps we learn from their challenges or struggles and strive for the opposite in ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, how we grow up can shape important decisions we face later on. For some, the important decision might be facing an unexpected pregnancy, and their upbringing is a major factor in the options they’re considering.

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, take the next steps of your decision at Avenue Women’s Center. Our free pregnancy consultations with our caring client advocates will help provide support and address any concerns or questions you may have regarding your pregnancy options. For almost 40 years, we’ve provided women with a confidential and nonjudgmental environment as they take their first steps in unexpected pregnancy decisions. Contact us today for a free appointment, or walk-in to any of our five locations in DuPage County.

Every Single-Parent Experience Is Different

Perhaps you were raised in a single-parent home and your parent was not around as often as others. They worked long hours to provide, and much of their free time was spent running errands or with household upkeep. You saw their single parent experience as a challenge, with limited finances and time. However, not every single parent faces the same struggles or handles challenges in the same way. Every family’s experience is unique and individual.

There can be challenges in any family circumstance, whether it’s a single- or multiple-parent environment. No one’s family is perfect, but we’re shaped along the way as we grow up. You might’ve wished to change your experience, vowing that when and if you ever became a parent things would look differently. But somehow you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy without a partner and your personal background is playing a big role in your decision ahead.

Your Experiences and Your Pregnancy Options

It can be difficult to imagine alternate scenarios when we’re only familiar with what we know growing up. You might envision a two-parent environment as the best option, but that isn’t always the case. There are challenging times in any situation, and each family and person handles them in different and unique ways. The struggles that a single parent faces are often experienced by other types of families as well.

Your mind might be spinning with possibilities and questions as you think about your pregnancy options while reflecting on your own family background. But one consideration to keep in mind is how circumstances may be different now from when you were growing up. Connections and support might come from social network groups, local community resources, government assistance, and other support systems outside of your family or friendship circles. What aspects of your current pregnancy situation might be concerning you? Are they temporary situations that could improve with time? Have you looked into the different options of parenting, adoption, or abortion to learn more about each one? Gathering the facts first can be helpful as think about what might be best for you personally. It can also be beneficial to take a shift of perspective and think of the things you might have gained from your single-parent household such as …

Time was limited, but meaningful. When family moments aren’t as frequent, it can lead to a deeper appreciation of the time we do spend together.

Independence was learned early on. You might have helped out around the house earlier on than some of your peers. Independence at an earlier age can sometimes be encouraging that we are capable of handling and facing challenges throughout life.

Perseverance isn’t easy, but can be rewarding. You had a first-hand look at what you could accomplish with hard work and dedication. The most rewarding things are often those that seem impossible at first, or difficult to achieve.

There is a lot to consider with any pregnancy decision, and it can be overwhelming to decide what option might be best on your own. Let Avenue Women’s Center come alongside you with our free pregnancy services. We provide reliable information about each pregnancy option, as well as resources that might be available for your personal needs. Our free pregnancy consultations are available to any woman in need, offering you the ability to ask your unique questions with an expert client advocate. Meeting your individualized needs is our priority, and we care about supporting you in the first steps of your pregnancy decision. Call, text, chat, or email us today to learn more!

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