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“I Don’t Want to Process My Emotions.  I Just Want to Make a Pregnancy Choice.”

April is a college student with a lot on her plate.  She’s balancing a demanding academic schedule, a part-time job, an athletic scholarship, and a new relationship all at once.  She hasn’t picked a major yet.  She’s not sure what the future holds for her post-college.  She just wants to get through the week, enjoy her nights off, and hopefully plan a trip to Italy once she’s saved enough money.  When April discovers that she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she’s too shocked to absorb this at first.  Then, gradually, in the days that follow, sorrow, anger, and fear start to creep in.  She tries to numb herself to these feelings and avoid contemplating her situation too deeply, because she doesn’t want to get “caught up” in her emotions.  She wants to take decisive action so she can solve this problem and regain control of her life as soon as possible.

April isn’t a real person.  Her story is made up.  But her experience closely describes those of so many real women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.  The circumstances may be different, but the desire to avoid processing complicated and uncomfortable emotions is similar.  Many individuals fear that this would be too painful.  They worry that dwelling on their feelings too much would just lead to more confusion, hurt, and indecisiveness.  Maybe this is where you’re at today.  Maybe you simply want to make a pregnancy choice and move on.  You may be feeling undecided and wishing you had more clarity.  Or, perhaps you’re so focused on one possible outcome, that your other options don’t seem like options at all.

If this sounds like you, consider reaching out to Avenue Women’s Center.  We’re an early pregnancy clinic with multiple locations in Chicagoland, and we’re passionate about equipping people with the information they need to take informed and timely next steps.  Avenue provides free and confidential services like medical-grade pregnancy tests and pregnancy consultations. We’re here to help you find out where you stand and gain an accurate understanding of the options available to you: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

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Your Feelings Matter When It Comes to a Pregnancy Choice

Your thought process is logical and relatable.  It’s human nature to avoid emotional pain and anything that might trigger it.  Exploring feelings surrounding an unexpected pregnancy and pregnancy options is generally a challenging process.  However, our team at Avenue believes that carefully contemplating your emotions and your next steps is very much worth your while.  In this blog, we’ll present a few reasons why.

Your feelings can offer insight.

Your feelings can offer valuable insight to clarify the path that’s uniquely right for you.  If there’s a part of you that’s saying, “This potential outcome doesn’t feel right to me,” it’s important to pay attention to that inner voice.  Your intuition can be a strong indicator of your best way forward or which direction is best avoided.  It’s wise to pause and consider why your gut may be telling you something before moving forward.

Your feelings matter.

An unexpected pregnancy is a significant experience, and your feelings about it matter greatly, whether they’re gut instincts or emotions like sadness or fear.  You owe it to yourself to consider your feelings, rather than put them on the backburner.  Timeliness and practicality matter too, but it’s possible to consider these components and your emotions at the same time.  Keep in mind that you’ll likely continue to have positive and/or negative feelings about your pregnancy decision after it’s made.  Sometimes, individuals think that they’ll stop feeling anxious or upset once this choice is behind them, but that isn’t always the case.  Engage in a healthy and thorough decision-making process now to minimize the chances of experiencing regret later on.

Face your feelings head-on.

Avoiding your emotions won’t necessarily give you more control.  Our control over our circumstances is always limited, whether life is going smoothly or everything seems to be falling apart.  Uncertainty and lack of control are uncomfortable realities that we all have to face.  The best way to confront a challenge is to accept what’s outside of your control while embracing the autonomy that you do have.  Start by learning the basic facts about your pregnancy, options, and available resources.  Then, let your emotions play a role in your decision-making process along with the knowledge you’ve gained.

After discovering an unexpected pregnancy, it’s normal to feel a strong sense of urgency.  But in reality, most women learn of their pregnancies before any of their pregnancy options become unavailable.  Getting services from a center like Avenue can help you clarify your unique timetable so you can plan your decision-making process accordingly.  We’re available to help meet your immediate needs as much as possible and provide emotional support while you process your next best steps.  You’ll never find pressure or judgment here.  Just practical help and genuine, unconditional support.

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