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I Just Moved Out on My Own and Now I’m Pregnant

Change can be so exciting. Sometimes it feels like like a new leaf has been turned over in your life. You’ve just moved out on your own, ready to face the world and establish your home. But then another change rocks your boat—a positive pregnancy test. This change wasn’t planned or expected. And you have so many fears about what this could mean for your established plans now that you’re living on your own. So how do you grapple with your plans and this unexpected change?

Dealing with two big changes so close together can easily feel like too much to bear. If you’ve just moved out on your own, you may feel like you have to face an unexpected pregnancy alone, but you don’t! We’re here for you at Avenue Women’s Center to help you with your next steps.

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No Support

As soon as you learned of your news, perhaps dread knotted itself in your stomach. Maybe you beat yourself up for letting this happen. Or, maybe you’re worried because you feel alone and isolated. You can’t imagine having to face this reality on your own, and all of your options sound daunting. Depending on your situation, maybe you don’t have family nearby or many friends yet. Sometimes moving out on your own can bring difficult emotions to the front as well as a hard time finding a community to get connected in. Now is as good a time as ever to start investing in a community. Finding a club, fitness class, or faith community are great ways to start getting involved and find some like-minded people. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some new really good friends who can be there for you!

Worried about Finances

Sometimes finances can be tight, especially if you’ve been saving up for a while to move out or find yourself working long hours to support your new lifestyle! Facing this pregnancy may have brought new fears to mind, whether it’s about paying for abortion, visits to the OBGYN, or other financial concerns. Feeling backed into a corner isn’t easy and can lead to some rash decisions. But, remember you have time to consider your plan. And, there are so many community and government resources to help you stay afloat and get on your way to thriving.

Can’t Do This Alone

Having somebody whose shoulder you can cry on is often a great comfort. We all need people in our lives who can step in when things go haywire. If you feel like you’re still alone, it’s time to reach out. Consider those in your life who are trustworthy and can help you. Know that it is okay to tell them what is going on. It is not shameful to need help, even right after moving out.

Our pregnancy consultants at Avenue Women’s Center are also here, waiting to meet with you and discuss your worries, difficulties, hopes, and dreams. We want to journey with you through this season of your life and offer you free and confidential resources and services to empower you! Don’t walk through this alone.

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