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I Think I Am Pregnant by My Older Boyfriend

Entering high school can be an exciting time. You can put middle school behind you. There are homecoming dances to look forward to. You can take Driver’s Ed. But for some girls, high school is when they experience their first real relationship. When you started dating your boyfriend, it might have felt like a whole wide world of romance was suddenly revealed to you. While some of your friends might have started dating as well, perhaps your relationship is a little different. Your boyfriend is older than you. And while this may not have seemed like a huge difference at the start, your relationship might have advanced to a mature level before you felt ready. An unexpected pregnancy may not have been part of your 4-year plan for high school. And understandably, you might be a little scared. With all of the confusion and worry you may feel, where can you go for help?

If you think you may be pregnant after dating an older boyfriend, you may have a lot of questions. Avenue Women’s Center offers compassionate assistance and care through a nonjudgmental environment. Our expert staff is ready to meet with you at any of our six DuPage County centers. Receive a free medical-grade pregnancy test and in-depth information on your options.

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How Do You Feel About Dating an Older Guy?

Dating an older boyfriend can seem thrilling at first. He probably gives off a more mature vibe than some of the boys in your age group. But as you may have noticed, the two of you might be in different stages of your lives. He may be thinking about attending college or pursuing a career. And while these things are likely important to you as well, you still have time to focus on high school.

But another challenge due to age difference can be the goals you have for the relationship. This may be your first serious boyfriend, whereas your partner might have dated a few girls before. In your case, you may have found that the person you were dating wanted to bring your relationship to a more mature level.

Since he’s ahead of you in years, he might have seemed wiser and more experienced. When he suggested the two of you have sex, it probably sounded reasonable. But was this something you wanted? Some girls who find themselves dating someone older have found there tends to be an uneven power dynamic.

Ask yourself this: Have there been times where you feel you’ve had to compromise your boundaries to make your boyfriend happy?

Concerns About Pregnancy in the Relationship

If you think you may be pregnant after having sexual intercourse with your partner, you may be feeling a little scared. You may be wondering what you should do next. Where can you go for help/ While you may be worried about what your parents might say, please remember you are not at fault. It’s possible that your partner used his age to pressure you into something you might not have been ready to consent to just yet.

For guidance and support, talk a trusted adult. Reach out to your parents, a teacher or a school counselor, the authorities, or some other professional resource. Moving forward alone can be nerve-wracking. And being by yourself can leave you open to negative thoughts. By surrounding yourself with people who can help you, you can gradually build confidence in making a plan about what to do next.

Learning about an unexpected pregnancy at a young age can be overwhelming. It’s normal to have a lot of questions. Some of the thoughts running through your mind may be: How could this have happened? Should I have an abortion? What do my other choices look like, and are they even possible?

As you consider the answers to these questions, one of the most important steps is locating help. You may be going through a variety of complex emotions at the moment, and having a supportive network behind you can be crucial at this time.

Do you have questions about what you should do after learning about an unexpected pregnancy? Avenue Women’s Center is here to provide you with answers. We’ll partner with you through the decision-making process. Our caring staff will supply you with accurate information about abortion, adoption, and parenting, serving as a resource during what may be an emotional time. We’re here to help you establish healthy communication with people you may want to let in on your pregnancy plan, offering you a safe environment to engage in a private discussion.

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