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“I Thought this Pregnancy Would Bring Us Closer Together, but it’s Tearing Us Apart”

An unexpected pregnancy can place a lot of strain on a relationship.  But sometimes shared experiences (even stressful ones) bring a couple closer together in the long run.  When you first discovered you were pregnant, maybe you thought this would bring positive change.  Perhaps you saw the pregnancy as an opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper level.  Or, you were simply hopeful this turn of events would lead to a positive outcome- one that both of you could accept or even grow to appreciate.

Instead of drawing you into a closer connection, has an unexpected pregnancy created distance between you and your significant other?  Avenue Women’s Center is here to help!  Because we’ve worked with couples facing unexpected pregnancies for over forty years, we understand the many challenges you may be facing.  It’s our goal to help you (and those closest to you) move forward with courage.

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A Complex Matter

Every person’s unexpected pregnancy experience is completely unique.  And yet, the circumstances and feelings behind an unexpected pregnancy are almost always complex.  It’s normal to develop a confusing blend of negative and positive emotions (mostly negative, perhaps) in response to pregnancy news you weren’t anticipating.  Anyone close to you who’s aware of your situation is likely to have complicated feelings of their own.  Not to mention, unexpected pregnancies and pregnancy options have become highly relevant and controversial topics in mainstream culture.  It comes as no surprise that views often clash.  It’s just especially difficult to manage those differences when it’s you and your partner who disagree about your pregnancy.

Don’t Give Up Hope

If you hoped your pregnancy would bring you and your partner closer together, and that hasn’t happened yet, it may be too early to give up.  Sharing challenging experiences often does lead to greater emotional intimacy and stronger relationships.  It usually just takes time (and a lot of mutual kindness) for those positive results to take form.  Sometimes, learning to manage disagreements and empathize with each other is the very thing that allows a relationship to grow.  Do you believe your relationship has a healthy foundation, and that you and your partner are good for each other?  If so, listening patiently and loving each other well through this challenging experience may still yield the outcome you’re looking for.

How Can Early Pregnancy Services Help?

Avenue Women’s Center provides early pregnancy services to help you know where you stand with your pregnancy (how far along you are, certain pregnancy risk factors, etc.)  Our expert staff is dedicated to helping persons access all the information and support they need to make a knowledgeable, empowered pregnancy decision.  Of course, you’re welcome to include your partner in this process as much or as little as you choose. We’re here to be a sounding board and source of support if you and your significant other need to process your circumstances with a neutral third party.  And if you need to seek additional support to help you strengthen your relationship, no matter your pregnancy outcome, we can help you connect with a caring professional.

Our no-cost, practical services at Avenue Women’s Center include medical-grade pregnancy tests, limited medical ultrasounds, options consultations, and more! 

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