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“I Was Breastfeeding and Didn’t Think I Could Get Pregnant”

Maybe you recently gave birth and heard that breastfeeding can prevent ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries). So, you went about your life as a new mom and weren’t overly concerned about a possible pregnancy. Then, the unexpected happened. You had a positive pregnancy test result just a few months after having your baby. You could hardly believe this was happening! What do you do next when you didn’t think you could get pregnant while breastfeeding?

While it’s true that breastfeeding can be a birth control method, at least to some degree of effectiveness, another pregnancy can take place during these early months of your baby’s life.  News of a post-partum pregnancy can feel shocking and even devastating.  Many moms of newborns are already battling worry and exhaustion as they adjust to their new circumstances.

Parenting an infant can be really hard!  So, anxiety and frustration are normal responses to this next pregnancy.  Avenue Women’s Center offers education, resources, and support to women going through an unexpected pregnancy, all at no cost!  We’ve been a fixture of the Chicagoland, Illinois community for over forty years, and have walked beside many women who already have young children.  We get that you’re completely overwhelmed, and we’ve got your back. 

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Breastfeeding: A Surprising Method of Birth Control

Have you ever heard of the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM)?  It’s a birth control technique that relies on the body’s prevention of ovulation while a woman is breastfeeding her newborn.  However, for those women who plan to avoid pregnancy through use of LAM, a very frequent breastfeeding routine is required.  Some women may feel drawn to LAM because it’s a natural, no-cost birth control option.  However, LAM tends to be impractical and can only be used for a temporary time after childbirth.  Like any method of birth control, LAM is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Accessing the Support and Resources You Need

Support is essential for any woman walking through an unexpected pregnancy, especially if she’s already caring for an infant.  A health care provider, faith leader, or trusted friend could be an excellent source of support, and so could a pregnancy consultant from Avenue.  Our expert staff members are here to listen to your story without judgment and to offer compassionate services that meet your unique needs.  Medical-grade pregnancy tests, limited medical ultrasounds, and options consultations are among the first-step services we offer.  It is our firmly held belief that the more you know about your pregnancy and options, the more equipped you’ll feel to make an informed decision.  Many women also don’t realize the variety of resources available.  They may feel less overwhelmed upon discovering the health care services, practical resources, and other supportive services that are accessible.

Chances are, you’ve already become a stronger, more resilient woman in the short time you’ve been parenting, even if it doesn’t always feel this way.  At Avenue, our goal is to help you lean into this strength, so you feel empowered to take your next steps with confidence.  Regardless of what pregnancy options you are considering, we’re here for you.

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Reviewed by Patricia Kuenzi, APN-CNP, MSN, ANP, PNP.


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