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I Would Choose to Parent if I Knew I Had Support

A lot of circumstances can affect the way we feel about a situation we’re facing. Sometimes these circumstances affect us far more than we might have thought they would. Perhaps you find yourself facing an unexpected pregnancy, but you feel like you don’t have the support you need. What do you do when you are afraid of choosing to parent because you don’t believe you have support?

Having no support can be a difficult circumstance to be in when deciding what to do about an unexpected pregnancy. You may feel like you only have one choice, but what if we told you we can help? Avenue Women’s Center has been supporting Chicagoland women facing unexpected pregnancies for 40 years. We would like to be a supportive resource for you, too.

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How Do You Find Support When You Have None?

Generally, we all have somebody who supports us, no matter how close or far they may be. But, what about when you don’t have any support? You might not even know how to go about finding the support you need for this time of your life. But, rest assured, there are plenty of resources available. There are also people who would love to help you and be there for you. Sometimes you can find these places through a quick search on the internet, but, other times, it’s easier if somebody already knows where to point you. At Avenue, our consultants can meet with you and connect you with programs, resources, and community groups to get you started.

Sources of Support

As you look for external sources of support, take a look inward. Are there friends or family, perhaps your partner, whom you want support from but maybe don’t know you need it? Having an open conversation with this person and expressing your need can go a long way. As you look inward, consider your own strength as you’ve overcome difficulties throughout your life. Chances are, you have what it takes to take the next steps in this pregnancy even if right now there aren’t a lot of people around who can offer support.

Now, it’s time to look outward. What government, community, or religious resources might be available to you? There are often many programs designed to help those in need of a helping hand or a bit more support. Whether you need physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual support, there are options for you.

Feeling like you’re alone in this can be such an isolating feeling. Getting a good handle on what’s available to you and how to get started with programs is a great step towards courageous living as you face unexpected pregnancy!

At Avenue Women’s Center, we firmly believe no woman should have to face unexpected pregnancy alone. This is why we are passionate about offering free, confidential care and services to our clients. We want to empower you to live fully and courageously even in the face of little support. Let us fill in those missing pieces for you so you can take the next steps in this pregnancy! 

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