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“I’m Afraid Parenting Would Lead to a Breakup”

Are you exploring your options in response to an unexpected pregnancy, trying to envision where each alternative path may lead?  If so, you’re already on track to making a well-considered choice.  It’s natural to worry that one or more of your pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, or parenting) would trigger difficult consequences.  Working through these fears may be an uncomfortable, but important, part of your decision-making process.

Odds are, you have a lot to think over.  You and your partner may need time to process your circumstances and continue to explore your next steps.  Our expert staff at Avenue Women’s Center is available to partner with you along the way.  We provide free first-step pregnancy services so you feel equipped to step into your future with an informed perspective and a firm foundation of support.

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Nurturing A Relationship When Times are Hard

Maybe you’re considering parenting as a pregnancy option, but are worried it will lead to a breakup.  The truth is, parenting likely would bring about new responsibilities and lifestyle adjustments.  And these changes can put added pressure on a relationship, even when both of you agree on this path.  In reality, any of your pregnancy options could cause stress.  All kinds of common dilemmas couples face can have this effect.  Stress doesn’t have to lead to a breakup.  Coping with tense circumstances together could actually make you and your partner stronger than ever if you use the right approach.  The outcome of your relationship will probably depend most of all on your response to each other during difficult seasons of life, like the one you’re in now.

Here are a few steps you can take to strengthen your bond with your partner during difficult times, and good times too, no matter the outcome of this unexpected pregnancy.

Listen for the sake of understanding.

Prioritize understanding your partner’s point of view and empathizing. Acknowledge your partner’s thoughts and feelings.

Set appropriate boundaries.

If you feel hurt, let your partner know this calmly and respectfully.  Treat him the way you expect him to treat you.

Encourage your partner.

An encouraging word can go a very long way, especially when you and your partner are feeling stressed.

Acknowledge your own mistakes.

Demonstrate humility and teachability by acknowledging when you’re wrong and offering a sincere apology.  Process together how you could both make positive changes in the future.

Seek support.

Consider speaking with an older couple you respect to gain wisdom.  Or, process the challenges you’re facing as a couple with a licensed counselor.

Nurturing a relationship during difficult times can be very challenging and complex.  These tips barely scratch the surface.  How you approach stressful situations with your partner will depend on the unique dynamics of your relationship.  If you stay with him for years to come, you may spend that entire time learning how to maintain the health of your relationship in good times and bad.  That’s okay!  This process will help you grow as a person and as a partner.

A Strong Foundation

Fear of an unknown outcome- like a breakup- probably isn’t a strong foundation to build your pregnancy decision upon.  That’s because fear-based choices aren’t grounded in strengths.  Think of your values, beliefs, positive qualities, and supports as pillars to lean upon while you’re processing your next steps.  These are factors that you have autonomy over, so embracing them can be empowering.  It’s also much harder to think rationally when you’re letting anxiety drive your words and actions.

Accepting the uncertainty of the future may be an important part of your pregnancy journey.  But there are some aspects of this situation that you can receive clarity on here and now.  Our no-cost early pregnancy services at Avenue Women’s Center are available to help you know where you stand with this pregnancy.  We’re here to provide honest, accurate information about all your pregnancy options and resources too, so you and your partner are equipped with the facts you need to move forward with confidence.

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