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I’m an Adult but I Don’t Want to Disappoint My Parents

Seeing the positive result on your pregnancy test may very well have brought all sorts of emotions to the forefront of your mind. Perhaps right now you are feeling overwhelmed as you try to figure out what to do and how to move forward. Maybe you even feel a bit of excitement, or, possibly, disappointment. Maybe it’s not so much disappointment that you yourself are feeling, but you’re afraid of disappointing your parents. What do you do when you’re an adult but don’t want to disappoint your parents with an unexpected pregnancy?

Not only is facing unexpected pregnancy difficult, but it often brings difficult emotions to the surface as well. Finding strong pillars of support is crucial, and Avenue Women’s Center is here to be your cornerstone. We understand each woman’s situation is unique and have been assisting women through unexpected pregnancies since 1982. We have six first-step pregnancy clinics in DuPage County and we would love to sit with you and see how we can help!

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Evaluating Difficult Emotions

Being an adult can be hard. Being an adult and trying to impress or bring pride to your parents is also hard. Sometimes there is great respect for the parents who raised us and there’s a certain idea about how we should live our lives to bring them honor. Perhaps by facing an unexpected pregnancy you feel you have somehow dishonored them. Maybe you can’t bear to think about telling them and you’re considering abortion as the only way forward.

Before you commit to any decisions, it is recommended that you take a step back from the intensity of this moment and situation. Think about who your parents are—have they always loved and supported you? If that is the case, is it possible they will keep loving and supporting you through this pregnancy? And could they love and support you if you choose adoption or parenting?

If the answer is no, you may find it beneficial to find other sources of unbiased support as you make your pregnancy decision.

This is Your Pregnancy Decision

As an adult, your responsibility is to you. Disappointing those close to us, or fearing that we will disappoint them, can be painful to experience. But, it’s important to remember that each pregnancy decision comes with its own challenges as well. Sometimes, after the initial disappointment, people can reconcile or even have the opposite reaction. Is it possible that your parents could wind up being excited and supporting you?

Regardless of your decision or what others think, finding out more about your pregnancy is crucial. At Avenue Women’s Center, we offer free limited medical services which are always confidential. We care about your story and how we can help you along the way. We want to empower you to be courageous and step out like never before! 

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