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“I’m Considering Abortion Because I Don’t Want to Force Him to Stay.”

Relationship dynamics are often tricky to navigate, much less when an unexpected pregnancy is involved. Perhaps you are just starting out in a brand new relationship when you have a positive pregnancy test. Maybe you’ve been together for years, but pregnancy was never a consideration. Sometimes abortion seems like the only way to not force your partner to stay in the relationship. But is that really the case? What are your unexpected pregnancy options when you don’t want your partner to feel like he doesn’t have a choice?

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Unexpected Pregnancy Changes the Relationship Dynamics

Often, couples may want to base their pregnancy decision on the current status of their relationship. However, it’s important to keep in mind that an unexpected pregnancy can change the dynamics of a relationship as you move forward. Some important considerations are:

  • If you have an abortion, is there a guarantee that he will stay?
  • If you move forward with the pregnancy, will he take on more responsibility?
  • If you make an adoption plan, will he be on board?

Think forward to the future and how life may look in a year, five years, or even ten years down the road. As you make a pregnancy decision, take into consideration that your current situation may change in the future.

What Role Would You Like Him to Play in a Pregnancy Decision?

Although you’re considering abortion because you don’t want to force him to stay in the relationship, what are your roles within the pregnancy decision itself? An unexpected pregnancy impacts both partners, yet the woman often receives the greater role. Basing a decision solely off of how he will be affected, gives most of the influence over to him.

Have you taken time to consider your own desires regarding the pregnancy? Aside from how it may impact him, what about you? If you make a pregnancy decision to please him, what happens afterwards? Has he been considering you as much as you are currently considering him? Take some time to think about your own wants and needs. Talk about the pregnancy decision together as a couple, each sharing your feelings and how you would like to move forward. It can also be helpful to talk with a trusted person or to gather more information regarding all of your pregnancy options before moving forward in a decision.

You are not alone. Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. Our expert staff can provide you with the information and support you need in a nonjudgmental, compassionate environment. Receive the helpful services you need to move forward in your pregnancy decision, all at no cost. Contact us today for an appointment at one of our six locations!

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