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I’m Trying to Get Myself Together, I Can’t Be Pregnant Right Now

Maybe you feel like your glow-up is right around the corner, or perhaps you’ve been working yourself hard from the moment you get up to the moment you lay down at night. Working for a goal or getting on track can be rewarding yet feel exhausting. Perhaps you’re at your prime or you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a difficult season. But maybe something happened to interrupt your flow and you don’t know where to turn. Perhaps it’s a positive pregnancy test. What do you do when you can’t be pregnant right now because you’re trying to get yourself together?

Being surprised by an unexpected pregnancy when you’re trying to make life changes can be challenging or maybe even disappointing. You might be viewing this pregnancy with only one way forward but it’s important to gather all the pieces of information. At Avenue Women’s Center, we’d like to partner with you in this frustrating time of your life and give you the support and resources we have available to help you move forward.

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It’s All Part of the Glow Up

With the news of your unexpected pregnancy, you may be dealing with some difficult emotions or wondering how you’re going to move forward. While this time can be incredibly anxious, it’s important to take time to slow down and regroup. You may even find it helpful to reframe this situation as something positive—as a circumstance to make you stronger and push you further.

How Can Pregnancy Be Beneficial to You?

As you work on reframing your news into something that can make you stronger and push you further, might there be other ways this pregnancy could be beneficial to you? Are there ways in which this path and circumstance can make you into a better person, inspire growth, or give you more fulfillment in your life? Could this pregnancy be what you’re looking for to lead a more authentic lifestyle?

Next Steps on This Path

At this point, you may know you have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. It’s crucial to consider each in its fullness and all of the risks or difficulties associated. You’ll want to gather updated information about your pregnancy’s viability through an ultrasound exam. As you process and consider which direction you will go, finding support and resources to help you in your journey can be beneficial. There are so many possibilities ahead!

Regardless of how you’re leaning with your pregnancy decision, Avenue is here for you. We care about your health and privacy so we offer free, confidential limited ultrasound exams. Our desire is to see you live a full life and to be courageous! Our caring consultants would love to see you in to one of our six Chicagoland locations soon!

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