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“I’m Worried About the Cost of Parenting”

Discovering that you’re pregnant can be overwhelming. An unexpected pregnancy can be life-changing, and every woman responds to this situation differently. Some women may feel excited about the pregnancy. Other women may feel scared or confused due to their present circumstances. After thinking about your options, perhaps you began leaning toward parenting. But one of your concerns might be how to afford the expenses associated with this choice. Where do you turn when you’re worried about the cost of parenting?

You deserve the best care as you attempt to figure your next steps in an unexpected pregnancy. Avenue Women’s Center is with you every step of the way as you make a plan of action. If you’re looking into parenting, but concerned about cost, we’re here to help. Receive information on parenting, as well as your other options of adoption and abortion. We’ll answer your unique questions and concerns, equipping you to take your next step.  Receive the services and support you need, at no cost.  

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Locating Support for Pregnancy Expenses

A flood of emotions may have washed over you after you confirmed your pregnancy suspicions. There might have been a sense of denial. Followed by feelings of panic and confusion. What are you going to do? If you move forward with parenting, how will you afford it?

Being pregnant can lead to a time of reflection. You may need to think about who you can reach out to for support. It may also be helpful to locate resources designed to help women in your situation. An unexpected pregnancy can come with challenges. But finding the right support can reduce some of your stress.

Friends, Family, Co-Workers:

Have you told the people in your life about the pregnancy? Sharing big news with your loved ones can be scary. But their help and encouragement can be uplifting. A friend or family member may have maternity clothing or other supplies they can loan you. They can also give you advice about coupons, product clubs, and other ways to save on costs. Most of all, they can be there when you need someone to talk to.


How does he feel about the unexpected pregnancy? A new development like this in your relationship can be nerve-wracking. For some couples, the shared responsibility of the situation deepens their connection. However, every situation is unique. Some partners are not ready for such a commitment. It may be worth it to think about what you want from your partner. You may need to discuss the pregnancy if you want him involved in your plan. A professional resource such as a counselor or a pregnancy consultant can serve as a mediator during your conversation.

Community Support:

Have you researched first-step options clinics, pregnancy support groups, or local organizations? These places can usually connect you to necessary resources. You can receive accurate information on where to go for affordable medical care. It’s also possible that you will be given assistance with assessing any material resources you need.

Government Assistance:

What type of government aid might you be eligible to receive? Your local government office or a pregnancy consultant can walk you through this. Processing all of the different programs can be confusing. It can be helpful to receive guidance when applying for something like Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Understanding programs like this and how they work can help you see how they might factor into your parenting plan.

Are you worried about how to afford the cost of parenting? Avenue Women’s Center is here to equip you with the information and care you need. We offer a confidential environment so you can feel confident in taking your next steps. Our expert pregnancy consultants want you to know that you’re not alone. We’ll meet with you personally to guide you through your options and answer questions about available resources.

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