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Losing Sleep in a Pregnancy Decision

There are times when no amount of counting sheep can bring on peaceful slumber. Your body is exhausted, but that pesky mind of yours keeps racing away with worry, stress, and anxiety. We often lose sleep when faced with a tough choice. And when that difficulty is deciding what to do about an unexpected pregnancy, sleep might not come very easily. What can you do if you’re losing sleep in a pregnancy decision?

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Losing Sleep in a Pregnancy Decision

We most often lose sleep when something is troubling us. This could be you if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and unsure about your options. You might want to parent, but aren’t sure if you have the resources and support needed. You may be considering an abortion, but have mixed feelings on if it’s right for you. Your mind may be running rampant with possibilities as you worry about what could happen with each pregnancy option, and what more you could be doing to find the best solution. Yet, the solution can get harder and harder to find as sleep deprivation worsens. Why? “Sleep deprivation can take a heavy toll on our ability to make sound decisions, with potentially disastrous outcomes.”* Without adequate sleep, your brain has a difficult time processing through information to decide on the best path forward.

Sleeping Better as You Decide

Many things can help induce a better night’s rest. Everyone has a different sleep routine, but what was working for you before might not be after finding out you’re pregnant. What can you do to improve your sleep?

  • Make your sleep environment a calming space. Silence your phone and turn off the TV. Develop a relaxing routine to wind down for the evening. This could be light stretching to release tension, deep breathing while listening to soothing music, or taking a warm shower/bath. Your thoughts might inevitably turn to your pregnancy decision, and that’s okay. However, don’t let yourself follow that train of thought into sleeplessness. Before bed is not the time to contemplate big decisions. It’s the time to let your mind relax and rest to wake up with a refreshed mind capable of processing information and options.
  • Go to bed earlier. It is normal to feel exhausted in a pregnancy—even in the early stages. Hormonal changes can cause sleepiness, despite your mind keeping you up. If it’s taking you longer to fall asleep, start the process further ahead than you normally would. You can’t catch up on the sleep you missed, but you can begin the relaxation process sooner. This can take the pressure off of watching the clock tick past each hour and minute you’re losing laying wide awake. Give yourself a sleep curfew and stick to it. Setting an alarm to start heading to bed can steer this habit in the right direction as a warning to yourself.

Putting Your Pregnancy Decision to Rest

If you’re losing sleep in a pregnancy decision, try evaluating why and help yourself catch up on some much needed Zzzs . It is hard to think about our biggest concerns, they often cause panic, pressure, and unease. But facing your fears might be helpful as you move forward in your pregnancy decision. What are your most pressing concerns with each of your pregnancy options? Would learning more about abortion procedures and potential risks help you make an informed decision? Are financial concerns and lack of a support system issues with the option of parenting? Would it be beneficial to research into your local community resources and programs? Start putting your pregnancy decision to rest by looking into questions like these. Finding the answers could be the key in unlocking your best option and making a decision you feel confident in.

If you’re losing sleep worrying about an unexpected pregnancy decision, let Avenue Women’s Center come alongside you with support. We provide free options consultations to learn more about parenting, adoption, and abortion. Talk through your unique concerns and get the answers you need to take the next steps of your decision. We offer each woman a confidential, compassionate, and private atmosphere. Contact us today for your free appointment!


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