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Maintaining Self-Confidence While Making a Pregnancy Decision

Have you ever been through a stressful season of life brought on by difficult circumstances?  Have you ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and weary for a lengthy period of time?  If you’re coping with an unexpected pregnancy, you may be experiencing a phase like that right now.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that your self-confidence has taken a hit.  This can be a natural side effect of stress for several reasons.  You may not be caring for your physical and emotional health as fully as you normally would, because most of your energy is being directed elsewhere.  You may be facing new challenges in your relationships.  You’re probably feeling scared and frustrated… with yourself, your loved ones, or your situation in general.

On the surface, these aren’t ideal conditions to grow or even maintain  healthy self-esteem.  And yet, it’s important to navigate this pregnancy journey from a position of confidence.  Why’s that?  Your state of mind, including the way you view yourself, can impact this pregnancy journey for better or for worse.  A healthy, well-balanced sense of self will equip you to feel stronger and more confident as you process your next steps.  And an empowered outlook can lead to an empowered pregnancy decision- one that’s grounded in your strengths (rather than your fears).

There are practical steps you can take to maintain healthy self-esteem throughout this pregnancy journey and move toward your own best outcome.  Our compassionate team at Avenue Women’s Center is here to help you do just that.  We understand that an unexpected pregnancy impacts the whole woman- her physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.  It’s our goal to help you find balance and wellness in each of these areas as you continue to navigate these challenging (but conquerable) circumstances. 

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Strategies to Inspire Self-Confidence

You have what it takes to hold your head up high and make your own best pregnancy decision!  Here are some practical ideas to help you maintain your confidence.

Connect with people who encourage you.

Do you tend to get down on yourself more often when you’re not engaged in a healthy community?  It’s easy to get stuck in your own negative thoughts when you’re feeling isolated and stressed.  Look for people who know you well (the positive and not-so-positive parts of you), and love (but also like) you for the unique person that you are.  These may be some of your greatest supporters during and after your pregnancy.  A truly great friend will draw out your strengths while helping you reach personal growth.

Identify your strengths.

Chances are, you’ve encountered difficult seasons of life before.  Which of your strengths did you use to cope, or even overcome those challenges?  Maybe you’re resourceful, good at managing conflict, or able to think outside the box when solving a problem.  All kinds of natural gifts could be used to help navigate your circumstances.  Knowing and exercising your strengths will probably boost your self-esteem too.  Make a mental or physical list of your strong points.  How could these help you manage this unexpected pregnancy and find your best outcome?

Practice self-care.

Pour a little energy and love into every aspect of your health.  Give yourself a spa day.  Try a new makeup technique or hairstyle- just for fun.  Process through your emotional pain with trustworthy people in your life…but laugh with them too!  If you’re a person of faith, engage in spiritually nourishing activities, like prayer or meditation.  Practicing self-care requires some intentionality, but even small steps toward wellness can brighten your spirits and lift your self-confidence.

Don’t fall into the vicious cycle of developing a defeated mindset due to stress, then becoming more stressed because you think you’ve been defeated.  Your circumstances haven’t beaten you!  You’ve got this.  Our expert staff at Avenue Women’s Center is available to partner with you on the road ahead.  We offer a safe, comfortable space to process your thoughts and feelings with a caring pregnancy consultant.  It’s her role to provide reliable information, practical resources, and encouragement to lighten your load.

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