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Avenue Women’s Center Naperville

Hi! My name is Lindsay Zavitz. I started working at Avenue Women’s Center in June 2010. I am currently the Center Director of our Naperville location, as well as our Client Team Lead. Having personally assisted over 1,000 clients, I can truly say that this job is my dream job.

To understand why I’ve worked here for almost 7 years, it would probably help to go back to the beginning.

I studied Social Work in college. I had long known that I wanted to work in a helping profession, but it wasn’t until my senior year of college that I knew where my heart was being drawn to: unplanned pregnancy support. I was placed at a pregnancy center for an internship and, at the time, didn’t think I was going to love the experience. I figured I would get to the end of it and cross it off my list. Fate had another idea in mind, and I fell in love with the work. I realized that unplanned pregnancy was this quiet epidemic that impacted women of all ages. Many women have no idea where to go for help, are under-informed on their rights and options, and need support to make the best decision for themselves.

Fast forward to the end of my internship… I learned Avenue Women’s Center was hiring, and here I am, still in love with this work!


After starting my career, one of my closest friends confided that she had an abortion years earlier, and had never before felt she could tell her secret. Abortion truly affects everyone. Speaking with my friend, I learned that when she found out she was pregnant, she went to Planned Parenthood. She told them she was planning to have an abortion, they gave her a referral to another clinic of theirs, and that was that. No one took the time to truly ask her “are you sure?” No one confirmed that she knew she had other options. No one listened to her story and helped her make sure that she felt 100% confident in her decision. She confided to me that she struggled with depression for a while after her abortion and had never felt like she could open up to people about her experience. I felt devastated that she hadn’t come to a place like Avenue Women’s Center first to make sure that she was well informed of all her options, and provided with the support and love that she needed. That has given me motivation and drive to come in to work every day: to make sure that no one goes through an unplanned pregnancy decision uninformed or alone.

What is it that makes me love coming to work every day? Well first of all, I work with amazing women. Our Client Services team is a group of some of the most compassionate, selfless, supportive women I’ve ever encountered. Other than our amazing staff, I love the opportunity I get day in and day out to be a trusted sounding board for women and men as they make one of their hardest life decisions. I view my job as educating and supporting women so that they can make the best, most well informed decision for their situation and their life. If I can help break down barriers so that a woman can make the decision that her heart wants to make, then I’ve done my job. If a client walks out of my office knowing that she has options, and knowing in full what those options are, then I’ve done my job. Unplanned pregnancy is scary, abortion is scary, single parenting is scary, adoption is scary. If I can help a woman become educated so that she can feel less intimidated, then I’ve done my job. I want to provide women with knowledge, support, love, and hope.

If you’re currently navigating an unplanned pregnancy and are looking into your options, please schedule an appointment to come in and meet with me today. I cannot wait to get to know you and help you make a decision that you will be proud of.

To schedule an appointment at any of our Chicagoland offices, or to discuss your pregnancy concerns, please contact us today.

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