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“My Boyfriend is Acting Different Since We Found Out About the Pregnancy”

Are you struggling to navigate an unexpected pregnancy with your boyfriend?  Maybe this seems like an insurmountable problem, and you’re both gazing at the summit, in disbelief that you’ll ever rise above this challenge.  But what if it feels like you and your partner are on opposite sides of the obstacle?  Perhaps you were feeling comfortable with the dynamics you’d developed before the pregnancy.  But since then, there’s been a different vibe between the two of you- maybe a sense of disconnect.  He’s seemingly no longer the same person you started dating, and it’s adding strain to an already tense situation, testing your relationship.

Nothing can strengthen or weaken the bond between partners like stress.  Learning to cope will make you more resilient no matter how your pregnancy and relationship journeys unfold, but it’s often a challenging process.  Having a caring ally in your corner can be extremely valuable.  Our expert staff at Avenue Women’s Center is available to be that for you, while helping you strengthen and expand your existing support network.

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Complex, Shifting Dynamics

It’s natural for many different dynamics to shift when a couple discovers that they’re unexpectedly pregnant.  Changes in your partner’s attitude and behavior are to be expected, at least for a time.  Perhaps your boyfriend’s mood is swinging in a new direction.  For example, he once seemed stable and content, but now he’s volatile, angry, anxious, or stressed out.  Maybe his communication skills have lessened, creating a sense of awkward detachment.  Perhaps the pregnancy is causing him to re-examine his hopes and goals for this relationship and his future in general.  He’s acting different because questions are being raised that he doesn’t feel ready to face.  It’s possible that one (or all) of these scenarios rings true.  You may be going through a similar mental and emotional process, whether you’re conscious of this or not.

An Authentic Conversation

If you feel safe opening an honest dialogue with your boyfriend, this may be a logical next step in managing your shifting relationship dynamics.  An unexpected pregnancy is a significant and often intensely stressful event, so the tension you’re experiencing in your relationship is completely understandable.  It isn’t easy to talk about circumstances like yours or how the pregnancy is negatively impacting you and your boyfriend.  But by addressing it with kindness and respect, the two of you can take steps toward each other- and hopefully a positive pregnancy outcome.

Our caring staff at Avenue Women’s Center is here to support you in that process.  We’re available to help you engage your boyfriend and other important people in your life in healthy conversations surrounding the topic of your unexpected pregnancy.  An Avenue team member can mediate these discussions with neutrality and professionalism.  We’d also love to help you connect with additional sources of support in the community that can help you along this journey.

Owning Your Pregnancy Choice, No Matter What

You and your boyfriend can learn healthy communication methods to help you navigate the changing undercurrents of your relationship, come what may.  Continuing to date long-term may or may not be “the right choice” no matter your pregnancy outcome.  Creating a dialogue will help the two of you sort this out over time.  You’ll need to accept that you can’t control your boyfriend’s reactions toward you (just your reactions toward him).  However, there is another aspect of this situation that you have autonomy over- your pregnancy decision.  Make the choice that’s best for you no matter how things play out with your partner.  If you’re wondering how to do that, you’ve come to the right place.

Avenue Women’s Center is passionate about equipping women to discover their best outcomes through education and caring support- no matter how overwhelming their circumstances may seem.  Our free early pregnancy services are designed to offer information about your pregnancy, your options, and resources, with the goal of helping you discover the insight you need to move forward with confidence.  We provide a safe and supportive space to process your situation alongside a knowledgeable professional.

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