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My Family Does Not Accept My Decision to Parent

Weighing the pros and cons behind each of your unexpected pregnancy decisions can be a long process. Intense emotions can arise as you contemplate your options. After you’ve considered all of the information related to your choices, perhaps you feel parenting is right for you. Choosing to parent can be a rewarding journey. But there can be new challenges and responsibilities that can come with this path. It can be important to have emotional support behind you as you go through potential ups and downs. But what if your family does not accept your decision to parent? Where might you go for help if it seems like your loved ones are not on board with your choice?

If your family is not in favor of your unexpected pregnancy decision, it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed. Avenue Women’s Center understands each woman’s situation is unique. We’re here to provide the support needed to further your pregnancy plan. Our caring staff can meet with you individually, or, if you choose, with your family for a private consultation to discuss your options. Address your individual questions and concerns, while receiving nonjudgmental support and relevant information.

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Why Might My Family Not Agree With My Parenting Decision?

Our loved ones are usually people who know us quite well. Out of concern for us, they may try to offer advice they think will help us. This is not always a bad thing. Having someone close to you provide a different perspective and ask clarifying questions about your plans can be helpful. But sometimes, they may have certain expectations in mind. And it can be hard for our family members to remain unbiased when giving advice.

It’s possible your family was surprised by your unexpected pregnancy news. Just as you probably were when you first learned about it. They may still be adjusting to the situation. They may need time to process the reality of this change, and the fact that a choice about the pregnancy has to be made.

You likely had a lot of emotions and fears to sort through before you came to terms with your own choice. It may be the same for your loved ones. And they may have questions about what this decision may look like. They may want to be certain that you’re choosing to parent because you’ve thought about it, and you’re confident it is something that aligns with your needs the most.

If it’s difficult to talk to your family about your options, consider including a mediator in future discussions. A family counselor, a spiritual leader, or a pregnancy consultant are just a few resources that may be able to help establish healthy communication between you and your loved ones.

Your family members may feel a bit better if they can obtain reliable information about parenting and the potential resources you may have access to. You can demonstrate to them how much you’ve thought about this and how much research you’ve done into parenting as an option. And they may begin to understand why you’ve chosen this route.

What If They Still Do Not Agree With My Decision?

If you’ve discussed your decision with your parents or extended family in the company of a professional resource, and they still do not support your choice, you are not alone. This can be a hard scenario to face. You may have been hoping they would be a positive resource. You could hold off on moving forward with a decision until you can talk with your family members about it more. Or, maybe reach out to another source of help for access to other forms of support.

The emotional aspect of an unexpected pregnancy means it can be helpful to focus on areas where you do have support. There’s, fortunately, no shortage of professionals available. Counselors, pregnancy consultants, and other trusted resources can work with you. Your family may need time to think about your decision. And it may seem scary to parent without their approval, but there are people behind you to walk with you down this path.

It can be hard if your family does not agree with your choice to become a parent. You may be wondering where you can go for assistance. Avenue Women’s Center is here, offering support and confidential services at six different locations in the Chicagoland area. Our expert pregnancy consultants will meet with you for a discussion about your options. We’ll provide a space to process, either individually or with your family. We know this can be a period of stress and complex emotions, and that’s why we’re available to answer questions and connect you to any necessary resources.

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