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My Parents Will Kick Me Out If They Know I’m Pregnant Again

It can be easy to imagine what challenges you may encounter on the road ahead. After learning about an unexpected pregnancy, you may be picturing the kinds of bumps you think you will run into. You may also be concerned about other factors that might your trip a little rocky. Perhaps you’ve ventured down this path before. Maybe this is not the first time you’ve been pregnant. Finding yourself in this situation again may have left you wondering if you plan to make the same choices, or take a different route. While planning your next steps, one of your biggest concerns may be a lack of support from your parents. Wondering if you are going to get kicked out can complicate an already difficult situation. What do you do next when you’re concerned your parents won’t support you during another pregnancy?

If a lack of support from your parents is influencing your pregnancy decision, Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. We will provide you with reliable information and resources. We can also equip you with the tools needed to navigate your family dynamics. Receive a private consultation within a nonjudgmental environment at one of our six Chicagoland centers. Walking you through your options, our staff will ensure you understand each of your choices and address your unique questions and concerns.

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What Will My Parents Say?  

Since you’ve gone through this before, you may have some idea about how your parents may feel when you tell them about the unexpected pregnancy. This may be a talk that you’re afraid of. There may be fears about them becoming upset with you. While there is the option of driving on and avoiding this particular stop, will you find yourself looking back in the rearview mirror and wishing you had told them?

As you come closer to the part of your journey that involves communicating with your parents, you may be hesitant. Will they kick me out of the house once they know? What will their reaction be? Before you talk to them about the situation, it’s going to be difficult to predict what the outcome may be.

Next Steps in Sharing the News

Breaking the news to your parents can be challenging, but it does not have to be done alone. During the discussion, it may be helpful to have a trusted friend or relative at your side who can serve as your advocate. In addition to seeking support from your personal relationships, you may want to reach out to a professional, such as a counselor or a pregnancy consultant. These resources can serve as a mediator during a conversation you have with your parents about the pregnancy, and ensure it remains productive.

Your parents’ reaction does not have to dictate what choice you make. It’s possible that they may want to take control of the situation. Maybe they have opinions on the choice they feel will be best for you. But after exploring your options, do your wants differ from theirs?

This is why it can be a good idea to build a healthy community of support behind you, consisting of not just your parents, but friends, relatives, and professional resources. By having a solid network of encouragement at your side, the isolation of your trek can be lessened.

How Can I Make a Plan for the Future?  

Mapping out your expedition can seem overwhelming. And expectations about how your trip may play out can fill you with anxiety. Since you have been down this road before, you may be familiar with some of the things you may want to include on your list.

  • Have I spoken with a professional resource and received information about my options?
  • How do I feel about the unexpected pregnancy, and will my plan look different this time?

The way you plan your journey may differ based on your parent’s reactions to your news. This does not mean you must base your choice around their wishes, but different levels of support may be required depending on your circumstances.

  • If your parents’ reaction is negative, are there additional stops you can include in your trip? Are there friends, family members, support groups, housing assistance programs, or professional resources who can help you?
  • What if your parents are receptive to the news and want to help you? How can you research your choices and communicate with them about what route you may want to take this time?

Finding Support for the Journey

The destination may not always be clear when your trip begins, and that can be stressful. But no matter how far you may have to go, or how long the trek may seem, knowing where you can pull over and lean on support can reduce your fears about facing the road ahead.

Are concerns over how your parents will react to another pregnancy impacting your decision? Avenue Women’s Center partners with women through their unique set of circumstances. During a private consultation appointment, our caring staff will make themselves available to you to answer any of your questions, and even help facilitate a conversation between you and your loved ones, if you choose. Our centers are equipped to offer you limited medical services and referrals to ensure you have access to the resources you need.

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