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Not Rushing to the End of an Unexpected Pregnancy Story

Some may think of an unexpected pregnancy as a journey. This is because it often involves venturing into something new and going through a set of challenges that have the potential to transform you as an individual. It’s normal to feel stuck when you can’t visualize the end of your story, and when you may only see what’s happening in front of you, it can be difficult to believe your tale is going anywhere. Perhaps you even feel you must push yourself to bring it to an end. It can be helpful to pull back and see what the process of your journey may entail. Even the greatest heroes required assistance on their journeys, and in order to reach the end of your story, accepting offered support can guide you.

Do you need help navigating through an unexpected pregnancy journey? Avenue Women’s Center offers confidential support and resources, walking beside you each step of the way. In addition to providing free, medical-grade pregnancy tests, our confidential consultations offer in-depth information on parenting, adoption, and abortion. Through a nonjudgmental environment, you can discuss your concerns openly and address your individual questions and concerns.

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The 12 Stages of a (Pregnancy) Journey

Picturing your unexpected pregnancy as an unfolding story, it can be helpful to have someone sit with you and walk you through obstacles you may encounter. There may be anxiousness about what you should do next, and you may have questions about how to progress in your personal journey. Fear may make it tempting to rush towards a conclusion, but a pregnancy journey typically happens in stages. Identifying significant landmarks can make it possible to advance through new developments as they come.

The Ordinary World:

In this stage, we may be unaware of what lies ahead, but perhaps this is when you began to notice changes. There may have been pregnancy symptoms, but since this is the beginning of the journey, you may not have realized one had begun yet.

Call to Adventure:

Have you taken a pregnancy test? The subtle signs of pregnancy may have morphed into a call to action. Something has changed as a result of your situation, and being faced with new decisions can seem terrifying. With a multitude of options and information before you, knowing what path to take can appear to be a daunting task.

Refusal of the Call:

An unexpected pregnancy presents a challenge, and our fear can deliver a hard blow to our self-confidence. You may doubt your ability to embark on this journey. To combat these insecurities, you may deny the pregnancy exists or pressure yourself into a quick decision. The stress of your circumstances can seem like a bad dream, but you are not alone.

Meeting the Mentor:

Guidance and counsel can be sought through someone who has ventured through this quest before, or in the form of a professional resource. When plagued with doubts, it can be helpful to ask questions of someone who can offer encouragement and reliable information.

Crossing the Threshold:

This is typically where one’s story truly begins. As you start to seek information and advice about your pregnancy, you draw closer to the completion of your journey. This step may include scheduling an ultrasound exam to rule out early pregnancy risks, or discussing your three choices of abortion, adoption, and parenting with a trained professional.

Test, Allies, Enemies:

Your adversaries may come in the form of fears about the pregnancy and the future. There may be moments where your self-confidence is tested, but gathering allies who can lift you up means you don’t have to confront these tests alone.

Approach to the Inmost Cave:

The personal aspect of an unexpected pregnancy journey may include an exploration of the self. What pregnancy-related worries do you have? Why are you considering one path over another? Is your choice what you truly want, or is your decision motivated by doubt?

The Ordeal:

After entering a new world, we’re often faced with challenges that may scare us. Light being encompassed by a dark tunnel can make the end of it hard to see, but even the blackest of tunnels cannot stretch on forever. No matter how long or how frightening something may seem, there’s usually a relief to strife, and it’s not atypical to need help.

Seizing the Sword:

Arriving at a solution to an ordeal can reap a reward. By carefully considering our choices, you may find reconciliation with yourself and the situation you’re facing. This step can take time, and it may involve a deep reflection in order to understand what we may need in the long term.

The Road Back:

A reversal of the earlier call to action, here’s where you may be focused on solutions to an unexpected pregnancy. Though you’ve made it this far, there may still be concerns, and to avoid regression, you may want to consider remaining in communication with a supportive resource.


Arriving at the climax, this stage often brings transformation. You may be starting to feel different as a result of your pregnancy journey, and a new version of you may emerge. No matter what choice you’ve decided to move forward with, there’s likely to be long-lasting change.

Return With the Elixir:

At this point, you may be changed by your experience. After following through with your decision and returning to your ordinary world, how do you feel? If you still need to talk about your journey once it’s complete, you can always reach out for help.

Do you need help navigating an unexpected pregnancy journey? Avenue Women’s Center is here to offer you guidance through the decision-making process. Providing you with nonjudgmental support and relevant services, we’re here to listen and help.

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