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Job Change
Making a pregnancy decision with a partner can be similar to making a career decision. When the partners are in a committed relationship, the woman knows that her choice will affect his life through its effect on her. However, no one questions that she has the final verdict, since it is her career that will be impacted. Any kind of force applied by the partner would be immediately recognized as inappropriate.

Vacation Planning
Making the pregnancy decision could also feel like planning a trip together. The partners know they’ll both participate in the activities and destination that they choose, so they have to listen to each other, find ways to compromise, and come to an agreement together. Also in this case, the woman calls the final shots (she has the keys to the rental car). Viewed this way, it’s clear that it’s also inappropriate for her to ignore her partner’s input. He will have a miserable vacation and their relationship will probably suffer.

Both pictures reveal an important aspect of the decision making process. Which picture is closest to what’s going on in your relationship? What can you do to help your decision process be as healthy as possible?

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