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“Pregnant and Afraid My Parents Will Disown Me”

According to Merriam-Webster, to “disown” means, “to refuse to acknowledge as one’s own.”  Sometimes, women in the early stages of an unexpected pregnancy are afraid their parents will disown them upon finding out.  Has this worry been on your mind?  Maybe the thought of it alone is triggering emotional hurt and concern for the future of your relationships.  No blog could fully describe what a difficult experience it is to be disowned by anyone, let alone your family.  However, you’ve got an advocate and ally no matter what happens on the road ahead.

Avenue Women’s Center has been a trusted resource to women in Chicagoland, Illinois and beyond for over forty years!  We’re a first-step pregnancy center that offers free services like lab-quality pregnancy tests, limited medical ultrasounds, and options consultations.  We’re on a mission to inform and empower women, equipping them to navigate the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy alongside loved ones and ultimately reach a regret-free pregnancy outcome.

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Approaching the Subject of Your Pregnancy with Loved Ones

Do your parents or other loved ones know about your pregnancy?  Maybe they do, and the response has been unsupportive so far.  Perhaps you haven’t shared your pregnancy news because you’re scared you’d receive a negative reaction.  Some women find themselves considering abortion, not because they think it’s their best option, but because keeping the pregnancy a secret is their strongest motivation.  Your pregnancy news is significant and may trigger some challenging emotions from loved ones.  Your family may make mistakes in the way they respond.  However, you’re not responsible for other peoples’ reactions to your pregnancy or pregnancy decision.  If your parents are upset by your news, they may need time to collect their thoughts and process their feelings.  And however they decide to respond in the end, that choice reflects their character- not yours.

A Pregnancy Decision that Comes from You

Chances are, you love your parents and hope to make them proud and happy.  That’s natural!  Still, it’s important not to let their response to your pregnancy (or what you believe might be their response) become a driving force behind your pregnancy decision.  Perhaps you respect their opinions and are open to hearing their feedback.  Those are healthy qualities that may help you maintain strong relationships with your family members, even if they don’t appear supportive at first.  But a decision for abortion, adoption, or parenting should come from you.  You’ll experience the outcomes of your pregnancy choice in a way that nobody else can.  That’s why gathering information about your pregnancy and options, and reaching an outcome you feel confident in, is vital.

Consider This…

Keep in mind that your parents may respond to your pregnancy news with more kindness than you expect, either when you first open up to them or later on.  If you don’t tell them about your pregnancy, you might wonder how they would have responded if you had.  It’s risky to make significant decisions based on a guess because the future is so unpredictable.  People often are too!  It may be helpful to reflect on which pregnancy option(s) your gut is pointing to, come what may.  When you make choices for someone else’s sake (rather than your own), you leave yourself vulnerable to resenting them later on.  Maybe offering your parents an opportunity to respond with compassion is an idea that’s worth exploring.

Whether you’re blessed with a supportive family, or feel like you have no one to turn to, Avenue Women’s Center is here for you!  We can help you process your circumstances, learn more about your pregnancy, understand all your options, and access resources to lean into your best pregnancy decision.  It’s important to have someone in your life who shows unconditional empathy.  And our caring staff at Avenue can be a part of your support network, no matter how the people in your life are responding.

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