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Pregnant and I Have an IUD In Place

You may have thought an unexpected pregnancy was impossible. After all, you have an Intrauterine Device (IUD) in place. IUDs are said to be more than 99 percent effective. How can this be happening? It’s rare, but certain circumstances can reduce an IUD’s effectiveness. Understandably, it’s frustrating when your contraceptive method fails. You may have questions about your health and your pregnancy options. This can seem like a lot to sort through all at once. Where do you turn if you’re pregnant while having an IUD?

Learning you’re pregnant despite having an IUD in place can be a stressful situation. Avenue Women’s Center understands how overwhelming it can be when your contraception fails. That’s why our expert pregnancy consultants are here to guide you through your next steps. Confirm your pregnancy with a free, medical-grade pregnancy test. Our tests are accurate just ten days after possible conception. Afterwards, you can walk through all of your pregnancy options with one of our caring client advocates. 

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How Can I Be Pregnant With an IUD In Place?

It’s possible for an IUD to slip partly or completely out of your uterus. An unexpected pregnancy may occur if you have sexual intercourse without realizing your IUD has fallen out of place. Or, a pregnancy can happen if your IUD had not started working when intercourse took place.

Not all IUDs offer immediate protection against unexpected pregnancies. Hormonal IUDs like Mirena and Skyla can take up to seven days to become effective. Paragard is a copper IUD that usually begins working right away. But even this may fail if your IUD has been in place longer than the manufacturer recommends.

What Should I Do If I Suspect I’m Pregnant and I Have an IUD?

If you’ve noticed persistent symptoms like nausea, tiredness, or cramps, you may want to take a pregnancy test right away. Some signs of pregnancy may be difficult to distinguish from side effects caused by your IUD. This would include spotting or missed periods.

To know for sure if you’re pregnant, it’s recommended you contact a healthcare provider or a first-step options clinic. They can ensure you have the information and services needed. You can also ask relevant questions about your health.

Pregnant With an IUD: Assessing Your Health

Being pregnant with an IUD in place can pose several risks. Even if you’re considering abortion as an unexpected pregnancy option, assessing your health is worth it. Having an IUD in place can lead to an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical condition where an embryo implants outside your uterus.

Some symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy may include sharp waves of pain in your abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, or neck. You may also experience vaginal bleeding, dizziness, or rectal pressure. It’s important to have an ultrasound to assess any early risks such as ectopic pregnancy.

IUD Next Steps

A healthcare provider may remove your IUD during your appointment if you’re still in the first trimester. He or she may do this regardless of whether or not you plan to continue the pregnancy. You may want to discuss any potential future side effects with a professional if you intend to move forward with the pregnancy. A professional resource can provide further information and refer you to treatment options if certain complications arise.

It’s helpful to spend time researching and addressing your unique concerns. No matter what unexpected pregnancy option you’re considering, your questions are valid. Knowing where you can go for answers is often an important step toward finding the right decision for yourself.

Do you have questions about being pregnant with an IUD in place? Avenue Women’s Center can walk you through each of your options. Our caring pregnancy consultants will also arrange for you to have a free, limited ultrasound exam. An ultrasound will provide information regarding early pregnancy risks and how far along you are.  Our confidential consultations will provide you with further resources to help you make an informed decision. We understand this may be a challenging time for you. But our expert staff is here for you during your unexpected pregnancy journey.

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Reviewed by Patricia Kuenzi, APN-CNP, MSN, ANP, PNP.

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