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Seven Things I Would Tell My Pregnant Teen Self

Ever wish you could go back in time to a certain point in your life and do things differently? Maybe it’s making a different choice or choosing a different path. We can’t turn back time, but we can help others who might be going through something similar. If you’re a teen who recently found out you’re unexpectedly pregnant and struggling with your decision, this blog is for you. No matter what options you’re considering, there is a way through your decision and support as you face it.

An unexpected pregnancy decision can be challenging for anyone to face, especially if you’re young. For nearly 40 years, Avenue Women’s Center has helped women of all ages and from all different walks of life as they take the first steps in their pregnancy decisions. We provide free medical-grade pregnancy tests and private consultations. Learn accurate information about your options of parenting, adoption, or abortion from expert client advocates who care about providing you with nonjudgmental and understanding support. Contact us now for your free appointment at any of our five Chicagoland locations!

I was still a teen when a pregnancy test came up positive. I started panicking and regretting all the decisions that had led me to become pregnant. I wanted to go back and change things. But I wouldn’t have learned from that experience, and wouldn’t be who I am today. I can’t undo becoming pregnant as a teen, but I can help others face their decision. Here are seven things I would tell my pregnant teen self that might be helpful if you’re in a similar situation:

1. Give yourself the comfort of understanding. Becoming pregnant at a young age might feel like a mistake, but hardships are part of growing up. We learn from our struggles and toughest times. You’ll face many more unexpected and difficult times—life is full of them. Your mistakes don’t define you, it’s all how you handle them.

2. It is okay to be scared about your pregnancy decision. This is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make. An unexpected pregnancy can be scary at any age, let alone as a teen. However, if a pregnancy scares you right now, it might be beneficial to think about why. I definitely didn’t want to hear this as a teen, I thought I was ready for anything and everything. But if I wasn’t ready for the possibilities of becoming pregnant, it was possible that I wasn’t ready to be sexually active yet either.

3. Tell your parents, your guardian or a trusted adult family member. This is a tough one, and probably the very last thing you want to do. You might fear their judgment or disappointment, but your parents and loved ones ultimately care about what’s best for you. They may have strong reactions to your pregnancy news, or they might surprise you with a different response than expected. Let the news sink in, and understand that they likely want the chance to be supportive during an important decision.

4. No one has the right to make your pregnancy decision for you. A lot of outside pressures might be creeping their way into your pregnancy decision. Your partner, loved ones, and friends may think one option is better for you than others, while you have uncertain feelings about parenting, adoption, or abortion. Ultimately, a pregnancy decision is yours to make, and it will affect you most directly. Your decision should be free of anyone pressuring you into an option you don’t feel 100 percent comfortable and confident about.

5. Your pregnancy options might look differently than you think. You may already know the basics about parenting, adoption, and abortion—but do you have all the facts? Before you decide, learn as much information as possible about each option first, not just the option you’re considering most. There could be things you learn that might help you better prepare for the possible effects or outcomes of your pregnancy decision.

6. An unexpected pregnancy situation doesn’t have to ruin the rest of your life, no matter what you decide. There is no guarantee in any decision you make in life. Having an abortion won’t necessarily mean that life will go back to normal, or that your goals will turn out as planned. Parenting doesn’t have to be an end to your future career or educational dreams. You can prepare and plan, but you never know exactly what will happen or how you’ll handle it until it actually happens.

7. You are capable of handling so much more than you might think. Yes, even big decisions like what to do about an unexpected pregnancy! Whatever pregnancy option you choose, make a decision that you can feel good about. Whatever happens next, there are always ways to handle the unexpected. And it’s okay to need help as you face your next steps ahead. We all need support at various times in life, whether it’s from a friend, a family member, our partner, or outside sources.

If you’re a teen facing an unexpected pregnancy decision, find help in your next steps at Avenue Women’s Center. We understand that everyone has their own unique circumstances, concerns, and questions—and we care about helping you find the answers. Our free options consultations offer the opportunity to learn accurate and nonjudgmental information about parenting, adoption, and abortion. Each of our centers provide a private, confidential, secure, and safe space for you address your personalized pregnancy decision concerns with our expert staff. Reach out today to learn more and set up a free pregnancy test and consultation today!

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